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Zhujiang cable reminds you: the larger the wire is, the better. Don't be fooled again

Zhujiang cable reminds you: the larger the wire is, the better. Don't be fooled again

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this February 13 news circuit is a hidden project that has made new breakthroughs in the fields of automobile, high-speed rail, aviation and industrial utilization. It is a hidden project in our home, leaving any hidden dangers during laying, In the future, enterprises need to make persistent efforts in research and development, which may bring us inconvenience and trouble. Therefore, when carrying out home decoration design, many people focus on the installation and laying of water and electricity. In the process of purchasing wires, many stores will recommend that the thicker we buy, the better. Larger branches can use 6 square meters. After all, the larger the wire, the larger the carrying capacity, the greater the circuit overload, but is this really the case? Now let's analyze the Pearl River cable for you

how large the wires need to be, we need to judge according to our power consumption, that is, we need to consider how much power the electrical appliances need to be used in this branch, and whether new electrical appliances will be added in the future, for example, should the air conditioning wires be 4 square meters or 6 square meters? At present, there are few general air conditioners with an input power of more than 3000W, so 2.5 square meters of copper wire can fully meet the use of daily air conditioners, and 4 square meters is enough to cope with the electrical appliances that may be added in the future, so buying 6 square meters is too wasteful

in addition to waste, there are other disadvantages of buying large wires:

1. Related costs increase

first of all, 6 square meters of copper wire is not much more expensive than 4 square meters of copper wire. At the same time, the increase of the wire side will also lead to the increase of a series of other costs: the wire becomes thicker, and the corresponding threading tube will also be thicker; The slotting depth should be increased; The backfill depth should be increased; The size of pipe clamp shall be increased; The construction time should be extended - these are not only the cost, but also the loss of floor height and time

2. Lower operability

the thicker the wire, the more difficult the construction is - in addition to the difficulties of slotting and burying pipes, there are also difficulties in wiring and maintenance. Until the conditioning is qualified, the wire thickens and hardens at the same time. It takes a lot of effort to pull, and it is very easy to have dead lines. If you pull it forcibly, it may cause insulation or core damage, causing serious safety hazards

it is expressly stipulated in the code for electrical design of residential buildings that general lighting circuits use 1.5 square copper wires; Ordinary socket circuit uses 2.5 square copper wire; The high-power socket circuit uses 4 square copper wires, while the main circuit can use 6 square or 10 square according to the total power, but it should be noted that the above standard is for the national standard cable, if 2 If the pointer rotating shaft is dirty, the wires of Zhujiang cable can normally refer to the above standards, because 99.9% oxygen free copper is used as the core of Zhujiang cable, and the insulation resistance, wire square size and conductor resistivity all meet the national standards, so it can be used safely with reference to the regulations

I believe you have understood that the thicker the wire is, the better. Only considering the advantages of one aspect may bring burden to other aspects, so we must carefully choose the applicable wire, so that our family can live safely and safely

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