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Fengbao - zhongdali Dechen Guojian: industrial robots are blue oceans from a distance and red oceans from a close view

Fengbao - zhongdali Dechen Guojian: industrial robots are blue oceans from a distance and red oceans from a close view

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original title: Fengbao - zhongdali Dechen Guojian: industrial robots are blue oceans from a distance, Editor's note: This article is based on Cen Guo, chairman of Ningbo zhongdade intelligent transmission Co., Ltd., the future road of domestic robots and core components, which was built at the 6th China robot summit held in Yuyao, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province in May 2019 with the increasing requirements of modern social industries for products The recording of the report is compiled from excerpts, and the title is added by the editor

the market has cooled down, and investment has returned to rationality.

with the promotion of various policies and the investment in independent research and development of domestic enterprises, domestic industrial robots have gradually gained a foothold, and ushered in a wave of outbreaks in 2017. However, in July 2018, there was an inflection point. After analyzing the market situation in the report, cen Guojian pointed out that before July 2018, businesses in various markets were booming; After July, the market heat fell rapidly, especially in the automotive industry. The scrap price in Guangzhou and Foshan increased by 20 yuan/ton, with negative growth. 3C, household appliances, light textile, automation, industrial robots and other industries fell all the way, which is not optimistic

on the other hand, there are two kinds of mainstream precision reducers in the world, the RV Reducer represented by nabtesco and the harmonic reducer represented by harmonic drive. In the domestic reducer field, there are more and more enterprises doing harmonic reducer, and RV Reducer enterprises are reduced. In this regard, cen Guojian believes that the market investment returns to rationality. The three domestic RV enterprises that survive have an annual sales volume of more than 20000 units, and the market reflects well, and the localization process is accelerated; There are many harmonic reducer enterprises, and the problem of overcapacity is becoming increasingly prominent

domestic reducer enterprises usher in new opportunities

Cen Guojian analyzed the comparison of foreign brands nabtesco and Sumitomo in the RV Reducer field with domestic enterprises from 2018 to the first half of 2019, and pointed out that in 2018, foreign-funded enterprises of industrial robot ontology lowered prices twice, which had a huge impact on domestic robot ontology enterprises. However, taking this as an opportunity, domestic enterprises began to try domestic reducers to reduce costs, and domestic enterprises producing reducers ushered in new opportunities

in the field of harmonic reducer, due to the light investment in harmonic product development, other domestic enterprises swarmed, the market competition was fierce, and the production capacity was seriously surplus. Although the rapid growth in the demand for 3C market and multi joint robots in China has created opportunities for domestic harmonic reducer enterprises, after July 2018, the market situation was completely opposite, and the demand suddenly disappeared

industrial robots are blue oceans in the far view and red oceans in the near view.

in the current domestic robot parts industry, many enterprises that do precision machinery rely on their own processing foundation to do RV harmonic and deviate from their main business, and some enterprises that do controllers and RV reducers begin to do multi-level robots. This shows that industrial robots used to be a blue ocean, but in fact, they are a red ocean in the near future. With regard to the current situation of the industry, cen Guojian said that the profitability of the robot body and parts industry is poor, and enterprises cannot find their own positioning, so they can only be forced out if they cannot adhere to it. He pointed out that only by sticking to the position and deepening and strengthening the products can we be in an invincible position in the market competition

In the report, cen Guojian quoted Dr. Shi Zhaoyao's view that China's precision reducers "are underestimated in technical difficulty, overestimated in commercial value, hyped in concept, and distorted in policy". The reason why RV reducers are difficult is that they "touch the old and difficult problems inherent in China's industrial foundation", Therefore, RV gear reducer has become a hot spot, which is a new opportunity for China's gear industry. Individual enterprises of RV gear reducer are about to break out of the black hole and usher in the dawn

based on this point of view, cen Guojian further analyzed and looked for a way out for China's precision reducers. He pointed out that RV and harmonic reducers are also widely used in other automation fields besides industrial robots. He believes that we should not hang from a tree in the robot industry. For example, Suzhou green is trying to seek new growth points, while zhongdalide has also been actively studying and exploring the integration of "servo motor reducer" in the past two years. Otherwise, it needs to adjust the control parameters of the experimental machine at any time (i.e. the conventional P, I, D parameters) with high promotion efforts. At present, the market acceptance is high and the response is good. Not only focus on the industrial system, but also based on the entire industrial machinery industry and the entire automation industry to increase the volume

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