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Heping electric successfully passed the 3C Certification Review

on September 24, Chinese quality should not only compete with domestic manufacturers in certification "This kind of material is more environmentally friendly. Relevant leaders and experts have conducted a detailed review of the quality system and product process control of Heping Electric Co., Ltd., and Heping Electric's motor soft starter, complete sets, circuit breakers and other major series products have successfully passed the 3C certification review.

this review is extensive and comprehensive, including incoming inspection control, production process control, unqualified product control, key parts confirmation, and production Product confirmation, internal audit and spot check of on-site products, as well as quality assurance ability. After careful review, the expert group of the certification center believed that the quality system of Heping Electric Co., Ltd. operated effectively and the product control met the requirements of compulsory certification, so it was approved. The review team affirmed and appreciated our company's standardized management and quality assurance ability, and put forward valuable opinions on our company's further continuous improvement of quality level, which will play a positive role in promoting our company's standardized management and quality assurance ability

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