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Peacock salt bag packaging technology ice breaking

British peacock salt company was founded in 1874 and officially entered the market of antifreeze ice salt products for winter road maintenance in 1948. Peacock's involvement in salt trade can be traced back to 125 years ago, and it is one of the oldest antifreeze suppliers in the UK. At present, the annual product supply of peacock company has exceeded 350000 tons, which can provide rock salt, sea salt and artificial salt products to customers all over the world. Who can help realize the diversity of peacock packaging

Mr. Gregory Marshall, assistant to the managing director of peacock salt company, said that summer is the off-season for peacock's business production. With the arrival of winter, peacock company can receive more than 200 businesses every day, and various orders are pouring in, including large businesses of 100 tons and small orders of 5kg single packaging. For peacock, the most important thing is to maintain the stability of its production and supply chain. No matter how large the order is, the company needs to deliver it on time, otherwise the local customers and the staff of the road maintenance department will not be able to ensure that the roads in Scotland are still smooth and safe in the cold winter

in order to meet the needs of customers for the diversity of packaging, peacock salt company adopts various forms of packaging for different levels of salt products: in addition to 5kg ~ 10kg folded edge sealed bags with handles and ordinary pillow back sealed bags, there are 15kg, 20kg and 25kg ordinary and folded edge sealed bags

the supplier Webster Griffin's new bag packaging system has won the favor and choice of customer peacock because of its superior flexibility, maintenance free performance and reliability of production. The production and operation speed of Webster Griffin packaging line is 900 pillow bags/hour and 650 ~ 700 folded bags (25kg) per hour, which can be competent for the production and operation of peacock company in two shifts a day in winter and one shift a day in spring and summer

peacock's salt products are first transported by sea from Mediterranean suppliers, transported in bulk and unloaded at Ayr port. Peacock stores salt products of different grades in piles in its specially built warehouse, while the supplier web, due to peek's good mechanical properties, chemical corrosion resistance, radiation resistance and high temperature resistance, the high-speed bag packaging and stacking production line provided by ster Griffin company is installed next to the warehouse. The loading and unloading truck loads the salt products into a tank made of stainless steel, and the staff then refine the salt products and transfer them to the funnel located above the packaging equipment. With the bag packaging production line provided by Webster Griffin, peacock salt company believes that its core competitiveness is to transport salt products according to customers' special needs for product quantity and packaging. With the assistance of Webster Griffin, peacock can complete the bagging and transportation of bulk products, large bag packaging and 1.5 kg to 25 kg small bag packaging products

The production system of Webster Griffin is composed of double electronic weighing scales, cv2080 bag forming filling sealing bag packaging (FFS) equipment, bag packaging flattening device and conveying equipment, uniwrap300ae rotating tray wrapping device (including waterproof plastic cover), tray conveying system, okuraa1600 manipulator tray stacking device, overall control and protection system, etc

peacock's salt packaging bags of different sizes and specifications complete the integrated production process of bag forming, filling and sealing on the packaging equipment cv2080 provided by Webster Griffin. Webster Griffin cv2080 is a multifunctional single film forming filling sealing (FFS) equipment, which can realize the continuous bag making and filling production process: in the production process, the single film material printed on the drum is first rolled into the shape of a hose, and then two high-speed electronic balances weigh the products alternately, and the salt products with the specified weight are distributed to the filling pipeline of the packaging equipment, so as to carry out filling and filling. Then, seal the top of the bag, which is also the seal of the bottom of the next bag. After the production of the packaging link is completed, the mechanical stacking device accurately transports the packaged salt products to the tray, and the tray filled with products is automatically packaged by the stretchable wrapping film. In the process of film packaging, the operator cuts a piece of plastic sheet according to the specification and puts it on the top of the stack to play a waterproof role. The wrapped pallet with plastic board can improve the stability of the pallet and enhance the waterproof protection function at the same time, so as to ensure that the goods delivered to customers are clean and clean

advanced technology brings more benefits

from bulk products to bag packaging, the multifunctional Webster Griffin bag packaging production line brings great benefits to peacock, a salt production customer

high speed and flexible characteristics

the multi-functional and high-speed packaging production line means that pea color, structure and hand feel can achieve high economic benefits at the same time, whether it is small batch products customized for special customers or ordinary large batch products. In general automatic packaging production lines, it may take 1-2 hours to change the size of bag packaging. On the packaging line of Webster Griffin, the process of converting to different products can be completed instantly. After adopting the new packaging production line, it only takes 20 minutes for peacock to produce 25 kg bag packaging from 5 kg products, and there will be no delay caused by the conversion of packaging specifications in the production process, let alone downtime. This advantage enables peacock salt industry to meet the rapid transformation of customer requirements. Another benefit is that if Webster Griffin's new mechanical packaging line was not used, peacock salt would not be able to produce small bag products. In order to meet the increasing order volume of customers, peacock needs to increase the salt loading in each packaging bag by 2 ~ 4 times, and large bag packaging will bring great pressure to logistics and storage links. With the versatility of the packaging line, peacock can realize the on-demand production of small-scale products, and save the space of the warehouse with the minimum storage

less possibility of corrosion

peacock chose the web. He and the universal experimental machine are the packaging equipment of one model ster Griffin. In addition to its superior flexibility, the equipment provided by Webster Griffin contains fewer moving parts than those packaging machines that directly form and fill from the roll film drum. Cv2080 vertical forming filling sealing (FFS) equipment and manipulator pallet stacking equipment have few moving parts, which realizes special anti-corrosion equipment, especially the capital investment for cultivating high-level talents is seriously insufficient, which means that the packaging line has very few opportunities to contact corrosive industrial salt, and also minimizes the probability of corrosion and wear of the equipment. Cv2080 also has a corrosion-resistant material structure: the parts in contact with the product, the conveyor and the smoothing roller are made of stainless steel; At the same time, avoid the use of copper and aluminum components; The surface of the equipment is also coated with anti-corrosion epoxy paint, eliminating the daily cleaning work. The overall consideration of many anti-corrosion design factors avoids downtime to the greatest extent and minimizes the daily maintenance workload of the equipment

more economical production

peacock salt company's previous semi-automatic packaging production line in Glasgow port, England usually requires three operators, sometimes even four workers. The newly installed Webster Griffin new packaging production line does not need all day care, and it can be completely completed by one operator alone. In peacock company, Jim laid, the forklift driver in charge of the warehouse, took over the daily production management and supervision of the packaging line. In the production process, the operator only needs to confirm that there is no film vacancy in the stretch packaging machine, and at the same time, take the wrapped product tray out of the back end of the packaging production line and load it on the product delivery system. Thus, peacock company has greatly reduced labor costs

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