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Zhujiang Beer introduced Krones draft beer production line again. On March 31, Zhujiang Beer Group signed an agreement with Krones, a German company that uses the most film in food packaging, to invest 130million yuan to introduce a bottled draft beer production line

it is reported that Zhujiang Beer Group invested 130million yuan again this time to introduce the fourth 40000 bottle/hour draft beer production line from the world's largest draft beer line equipment manufacturer - increasing investment, strengthening research and development, and accelerating development - Krones Group, Germany, with the intention of expanding the production capacity of Zhujiang draft beer to 350000 tons/year. Such rapid progress stems from the "development" of various regions; Blast furnace dismantling movement rdquo;. Fang Guiquan, chairman and general manager of Zhujiang Beer Group, said that the production line will be put into operation in August this year

Fang Guiquan also said that due to the large demand for pure draft beer in the Hong Kong market, Zhujiang pure draft beer takes the Hong Kong market as the sales focus. At present, Zhujiang Beer is sold in major supermarkets, restaurants and night markets in Hong Kong. 330ml bottled draft beer suitable for night consumption sells well in Hong Kong. Fang Guiquan estimated that the market share of Hong Kong will reach 20% this year

draft beer tastes fresher than ordinary cooked beer, and has become the most popular beer variety in the international market. Li Guang, the Board Secretary of Zhujiang Beer, said, "the production and sales of draft beer in Japan account for 95% of the total production and sales of beer, the production and sales of draft beer in Germany, the hometown of beer, account for 50% of the total production and sales, the market share of draft beer in the United States accounts for more than 30%, while the production and sales of draft beer in China account for less than 5% of the market share. There is still much room for development."

since the introduction of China's first bottled draft beer production line in 1997, Zhujiang Beer Group has successively introduced three draft beer production lines, becoming the largest producer of draft beer in China. The original three draft beer production lines of Zhujiang Beer Group have a production capacity of 250000 tons/year

it is reported that Zhujiang Beer Group has been committed to building the largest beer brewing center in Asia, and has started a series of technological transformation since the end of 2003. The main approach is to introduce the main production lines from Germany and Italy, and the specific equipment integration is completed by Guangdong Light Industry Machinery Group and Guangzhou Guangzhong Enterprise Group

according to the technicians of the factory, this production line, which is based on the domestic high-speed full-automatic beer filling machine and introduces the key machines of German Krones and other enterprises, can obtain the best cost performance

the key machines of Zhujiang Beer's previous draft beer production lines were provided by the world-famous beer packaging machinery manufacturers Krones of Germany, simonazzi of Italy and SMI, and Guangdong Light Industry Machinery Group undertook the supporting engineering project of the whole line. The main machines such as bottle washing machine, sterilizer, bottle loading and unloading machine, full-automatic CIP system, etc. were also provided by Guangdong Light Industry Machinery Group. Due to the localization of some equipment, an investment of 15million yuan can be saved in one production line. It takes about 500million yuan to build a brewery with a production capacity of 200000 tons, and only 150million yuan to invest in the transformation of Zhujiang Beer, which can save 2/3 of the investment cost

From 1997 to 2005, Zhujiang Beer Group produced and sold nearly 900000 tons of Zhujiang draft beer, generating a sales revenue of 4.032 billion yuan and a profit of 635 million yuan. In 2005, the production and sales of Zhujiang Beer exceeded 1.22 million tons, and it has become the largest beer brewing center in the world

source of information: Guangdong packaging

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