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In the new era of automobile industry, Weima has promoted the reform of automobile industry. Since the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, China's automobile industry, as a pillar industry of manufacturing industry, has made great contributions, but it seems that it has also warmed up. As the most important travel tool for mankind, China's car ownership exceeded 250million in June 2019, and the assets of the automobile manufacturing industry accounted for more than 7% of the total assets of industrial enterprises. China has become a real automobile power. As the global automotive industry enters the smart electric vehicle track, new energy vehicles characterized by innovation, technology, autonomy, intelligence and electric power have become the development direction of the automotive industry in the new era. China's new automobile industry will promote industrial reform with the "new four modernizations" and continue to become an important driving force for China's new economic development

in the development of intelligent electric vehicles in China, new Chinese car manufacturing enterprises represented by Weima Automotive Technology Group have performed well. As a dark horse on the new track, Weima automobile, established in 2015, has received widespread attention and recognition for its strong innovation ability. As of March 2019, it has raised nearly 23billion yuan in total. In terms of sales volume, it is even more outstanding. When 201 carried out the compliance verification of food contact materials, the cumulative delivery volume in September reached 11312 (the number of insured vehicles), ranking among the top new car manufacturing enterprises. 1. The operating procedures of simple beam impact testing machine; The flag evaluation work was detailed and implemented to the operation team, machines and specific operators. The cumulative delivery of the first mass-produced model, Weima Ex5, exceeded 10000 in 2019

Weima always takes data and intelligence as the driving force of innovation and development, and accurately portrays user portraits through the big data of intelligent products; Optimize product function and configuration selection through data acquisition and analysis of the whole vehicle real-time connection; Through the analysis of big data and live data, products are constantly upgraded and iterated, forming dimensions covering technology research and development, intelligent manufacturing, new retail and so on, and constantly creating value for users. At present, the industrial 4.0 standard intelligent chemical plant built by Weima in Wenzhou can realize c2m customized production, provide users with more than 1000 different configurations, and realize the fastest delivery of c2m customized models in 6 weeks and big data customized models in 3 weeks

in the field of intelligent technology, Weima is also constantly innovating and developing. This year, it will mass produce and popularize the L2 level automatic driving assistance system. At the same time, Weima automobile has established deep technical reserves in the fields of L3, L4 and other high-level autonomous driving technologies. The L3 level intelligent driving technology suitable for China's traffic scenes is planned to be put into mass production as early as 2020. At the scene of the world AI conference in August 2019, Weima showed the v2x vehicle road collaboration technology simulating nine common driving scenarios and the self driving commercial operation solution "project W - on-demand travel plan" under the low-speed limited scenario, presenting a safe, convenient and efficient future intelligent transportation

smart travel is of course inseparable from new concepts. With the innovative concept of "intelligent whole vehicle interaction", Weima has opened up the fields of map navigation, social networking, smart home and energy, and established a smart cockpit through full scene intelligent interactive services. In addition, the full ecological OTA upgrade ability of Weima automobile's software and hardware integration enables users to enjoy the intelligent human-computer interaction experience of "common and new". In 2020, Weima automobile will also launch the living engine 3.0 system and intelligent cockpit adapted to 5g technology, making travel faster and more convenient

on the road from a big automobile country to a powerful automobile country, Weima automobile has not forgotten its original intention, and is constantly moving forward in the direction of digitalization and intellectualization. It adheres to being a national brand of Intelligent Manufacturing in China, so that every Chinese people and every Chinese family can have their own intelligent connected automobile life, make contributions to the development of China's automobile industry with scientific and technological creation, and present a gift to China's 70th anniversary

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