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The new era of artificial intelligence education my world5.0 ushered in a comprehensive upgrade

in 2017, the Ministry of education implemented the reform of the college entrance examination, adding listening and speaking machine tests to the English high school entrance examination, and adding listening machine tests to the English college entrance examination. From June 1st, 2018, the China English proficiency rating scale issued by the Ministry of education and the national language and writing working committee has been officially implemented as the English proficiency evaluation standard for Chinese English learners. The country pays more attention to the practicality of English as a language, pays more attention to students' practical language application abilities such as listening and speaking, and provides a "ability scale" for measuring learners' English ability. In response to the National English education reform policy, Hong Kong Modern Education Group launched a new industrial upgrading in an all-round way

on August 15, Hong Kong Modern Education Group (hereinafter referred to as "modern education") "scientific and technological achievements education opens the AI era of English education and the launch ceremony of my world5.0" was grandly launched at the 100 Ruiji hotel in Shenzhen. More than 100 domestic and foreign education experts, scholars, media people and industry elites gathered together to witness the release of modern education knowledge patents and AI English education products - "my world" International English course, and discuss the new trends of English education in the future

my world5.0 launch ceremony

celebrities in the education industry gathered to talk about the new future of English education

a strong lineup of guests invited to attend this meeting, including Mr. Chen Jiangbin, chairman of Hong Kong modern education group, Mr. Su Binghao, general manager of Pearson Education Group in southern China, Mr. Lu Kai, general manager of Macmillan Education Publishing Co., Ltd. in Greater China Mr. Adam Giles, general manager of the Asia Pacific region of Trinity College in London, UK, and Mr. Li liming, President and chief product officer of the Institute of modern education of Hong Kong modern education group, and many other industry elites

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Chen Jiangbin, chairman of Hong Kong modern education group, extended a warm welcome to the guests present and wished the meeting a complete success. Chairman Chen Jiangbin analyzed in detail the future trend of the English education market, elaborated the strategic planning for the future of modern education, and grandly launched the new product of modern education, my world, International English course

Mr. Chen Jiangbin, chairman of Hong Kong modern education group, was invited to the media interview

from the macro perspective of the education industry, chairman Chen Jiangbin believes that the International English Course "my world" is an important scientific masterpiece in the history of English education and will become a model of international education. The launch of this course marks the arrival of the era of artificial intelligence in English education, which is of milestone significance. Chairman Chen Jiangbin said that in the future, English education will be more closely combined with artificial intelligence, creating more possibilities. He will continue to lead all employees of modern education to devote themselves to the cause of education, accelerate the research and development of English education, continue to lead innovation, make breakthroughs, and move forward more firmly

bid farewell to the traditional teaching mode and open the era of AI English education 5.0

in this grand event, Mr. Li liming, President and chief product officer of the Institute of modern education of Hong Kong modern education group, explained the International English Course "my world" in detail to the guests present

Mr. Li Liming said, "my world" will participate in the latest version of the English curriculum standard for compulsory education in Poland based on the internationally authoritative London Trinity oral test standard gese (graded examinations in spoken English), the British Pearson test of English for young learners (pteyl) and the Ministry of education, The original educational concept of "fast three-dimensional integration" integrates CLIL, PBLT, SLT and other international leading teaching methods, and is jointly developed by global education experts such as Mario experimental method, 1herrera, Barbara hojel, Carol read and so on. This course aims to lay a solid foundation for young children in English, understand and confirm the vast natural and human world, realize the balanced cultivation of abilities in all aspects, and cultivate the most competitive international small citizens in the 21st century

Mr. Li liming, President of Modern Education Research Institute of Hong Kong modern education group, explained on the spot

in addition, artificial intelligence technology is an important feature of the course. Neo robot - AI intelligent sparring robot uses artificial intelligence voice interaction technology to accurately judge the correctness of children's oral English, effectively improve children's oral ability, reduce the burden of parents' Sparring Practice, and create a good language environment for children

the course also covers three intelligent information systems, Neo home one-stop intelligent home school system: it facilitates the communication between parents, schools and teachers, and tracks the learning effect of children and gives feedback throughout the cycle; Neo learn student resource system: it integrates all resources in the course, such as preview before class, review after class, completion of homework, etc; Neo resource teacher resource system: it integrates all teaching resources in the course and bid farewell to the traditional lesson preparation mode

it is reported that modern education pioneered the "Ai Ai + education + physical teaching" mode, which will take the lead in opening the "English education and training 5.0 era", marking that China's English training industry has entered a new chapter in history. On the new track, modern education group, as the leader of lam for the first time in the era of artificial intelligence, has created a circular, orderly, open and inclusive "modern education ecosystem"

fifteen years of intensive education, helping national education take off

invited guests talk about the new era of English education

Hong Kong modern education group was born in 2003. After fifteen years of intensive education, it has grown into a comprehensive education group with young people's English education as the core, integrating training, research and development, education, and international steam education. Modern education has created a new education mode of "AI Artificial Intelligence + education + physical teaching", which has been unanimously recognized by more than 500000 parents and students in teaching practice. The unique English teaching mode of modern education is a model of international education, which has attracted wide attention from all walks of life. At the invitation of cctv-14, it has joined hands to create a large-scale reality show for young people in China - "my world maker challenge"

chairman Chen Jiangbin said that in the future, Hong Kong Modern Education Group will pay close attention to and implement the national education policy, constantly improve the quality of education products, and continue to go all out for the educational mission of "educating people, strengthening the country, and leading the future". Modern education will take promoting national education as its own responsibility, use science and technology to help education transformation and upgrading, actively promote the construction of human education civilization, forge ahead towards the great aspiration of "modern education and civilized world", help hundreds of millions of Chinese children take off their dreams, and help Chinese education stand on the top of the world

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