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Newly added EPS waste recycling equipment in Indiana, USA

plastic recycling Inc. (PRI), a well-known waste plastic recycling business in the United States, recently built an EPS (expandable polystyrene) recycling plant in Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana. The plant will recycle waste foam cups, disposable takeout boxes and other PS material products collected from all pick up projects in the United States

it is reported that this new EPS regeneration plant will be officially put into operation in the first quarter of 2015. The establishment of the plant aims to further enhance the capacity of Indiana to deal with hard PS and EPS waste, while increasing local government tax revenue

pri, Craig Caputo, product manager of Bayer materials technology in North America, said that the new plant is equipped with world-class automatic management equipment, and such a large plant needs to employ 25 employees to operate. The initial capacity of this EPS regeneration plant is 25million pounds per year. After all units are operated at full capacity, the plant's hard foam and EPS recycling capacity will increase to 60million pounds per year

after the plastic bag ban, American environmentalists and recyclers turned their attention to PS materials. In addition to Indiana, several other major states in the country also attach great importance to PS waste treatment. Major cities in California are actively preparing for PS regeneration projects, while other states and counties are also accelerating the investment in recycling resources with dry performance comparable to polyester. In addition, New York City will further standardize the PS waste discharge supervision system in the form of laws

"although PS recycling projects are in full swing across the United States, our competitors do not pay too much attention to household garbage. And the development potential of this field is very huge. Therefore, in the next few years, we will regard this field as an important source of renewable materials." Said Alan Shaw, general manager of pri

according to Brandon Shaw, the company's marketing director, PRI's construction of EPS recycling plant was inspired by its previous participation in the "food packaging container development conference". In order to completely solve the problem of EPS fast food boxes littered everywhere in the city, Seattle, San Francisco and Washington have announced that they will introduce strict PS regulations to prohibit the use of PS foam food packaging boxes. However, PRI believes that although EPS and other PS materials are difficult to handle, they can be recycled from one production line. As long as the special technology is adopted, it can turn waste into treasure. The resource into 1 experimental device should have a nameplate (Yan marked with model, manufacturer name, factory number and date) for secondary utilization, and there is no need to issue a ban on it at all

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