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Shenzhen's new equipment manufacturing industry is ready to fly

it was learned from the "road to revitalization of Shenzhen's equipment manufacturing industry under tight constraints - Shenzhen machinery industry entrepreneur high level forum" held by the municipal machinery industry association a few days ago that the Municipal Bureau of trade and industry is stepping up the formulation of "Shenzhen's opinions on accelerating the development of equipment manufacturing industry in 1996", and our city will take a number of incentive measures to promote the development of equipment manufacturing industry, It is proposed that the equipment manufacturing industry of our city will achieve an added value of 200billion yuan by 2010, accounting for 45% of the city's industrial added value

Experts from the Municipal Bureau of trade and industry pointed out that compared with some domestic industrial cities, Shenzhen is almost "a blank" in the field of large-scale machine manufacturing, but in the fields of electronic communication, electromechanical integration and so on, our city's equipment manufacturing industry has strong competitiveness and is one of China's new equipment manufacturing bases. For example, the SPC exchange equipment of Huawei, ZTE and other enterprises, as well as CNC machine tools, medical devices, instrumentation and other industries, have unique advantages in the country. In addition, Shenzhen is one of the three central cities identified by Guangdong Province to focus on the development of equipment manufacturing industry

according to the statistics of relevant departments, in 2003, the added value of the city's equipment manufacturing industry was more than 80 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 30% of the city's GDP, and the export volume accounted for more than 60% of the city. According to the preliminary estimation of the Municipal Bureau of trade and industry, last year, the added value of the city's equipment manufacturing industry was 1000. China imported about 118 million tons of non-ferrous metals by general trade, accounting for 41% of the city's industrial added value

Wang Xiaochun, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of trade and industry, said at the forum that from the industrial advantages and environment of Shenzhen and the background of the national industrial policy of the eleventh five year plan, the equipment manufacturing industry of Shenzhen is ushering in a golden opportunity for development

Wang Xiaochun revealed that the Municipal Bureau of trade and industry is currently carrying out a research on the development of equipment manufacturing industry in Shenzhen, and is preparing a medium and long-term development plan for the city's equipment manufacturing industry, putting forward six strategies for the development of equipment manufacturing industry, supporting a number of key enterprises and projects, and providing policy support in land, capital, listing and other aspects. The Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau preliminarily delineated four key development areas of the equipment manufacturing industry, namely, atmospheric engineering and environmental protection equipment, water treatment equipment and large-scale equipment for material recycling, automation and electronic measurement equipment for major projects, high-speed CNC machine tools, integrated circuits, electronic raw materials, communication switches, bioengineering, medical devices and other equipment

enterprises should learn to finance from the capital market

the problem of capital has always been a big problem for equipment manufacturing enterprises. Yang Chaohui, general manager of Shenzhen Han's CNC Laser Technology Co., Ltd., suggested that the bank should increase financial support for the equipment manufacturing industry. He said that equipment generally has a long production cycle and requires a large amount of capital. When users purchase, the payment cycle is long, and the phenomenon of fund arrears is very common, which is very easy to cause financial tension for manufacturing enterprises. Internationally, banks (including domestic and foreign banks) adopt the method of buyer's credit. As long as the equipment arrives, this method greatly simplifies the operation process of verification, and the bank immediately pays the manufacturer. At present, domestic banks do not carry out buyer's credit procurement, which makes domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises lose their capital advantage in competition with foreign-funded enterprises

Cheng Chunsheng, an expert from Shenzhen Securities Information Co., Ltd., suggested that Shenzhen machinery enterprises could solve their financing difficulties with the help of the capital market. Since the first equipment manufacturing enterprise in China was listed in 1993, the total number of equipment manufacturing listed companies in China's stock market has reached 244, with a financing amount of 100.6 billion yuan, including 9.1 billion yuan from the initial issuance of shares, 14.4 billion yuan from the additional issuance of shares, and 76.1 billion yuan from the allotment of shares. Cheng Chunsheng said that listing is not as difficult as it used to be. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange has simplified its procedures and can be listed in one year

there is an urgent need to establish a specialized machinery and equipment production base

some heads of machinery enterprises pointed out that the production conditions of machinery and equipment production enterprises are relatively special, the land occupation is large, and the production plant needs two or three floors high. Now the space scale of Shenzhen standard factory is small, and some mechanical equipment enterprises have to build temporary iron houses, and some even break the first and second floors to reinstall production equipment. It is hoped that the government will establish a production gathering base specially adapted to mechanical equipment enterprises and establish standard industrial plants and supporting facilities

the president of Davidson Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. believes that in order to develop the equipment manufacturing industry, we must engage in cluster production and refine the division of labor. This work cannot rely solely on the government, but on the enterprises themselves and industry associations. Step 4: work together and cooperate in this process to refine the division of labor within the industry

explanation of terms

equipment manufacturing industry

equipment manufacturing industry refers to the general name of various manufacturing industries that provide technical equipment for the simple reproduction and expanded reproduction of various departments of the national economy. Its industrial scope includes the machinery industry (including manufacturing industries such as aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding and weapons) and investment products in the electronic industry. Including general equipment manufacturing, special equipment manufacturing, aerospace manufacturing, railway transportation equipment manufacturing, transportation equipment and other transportation equipment manufacturing, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing, communication equipment, computer and other electronic equipment manufacturing, instrumentation and cultural office supplies manufacturing, etc

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