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New equipment exhibition

on April 18, 2006, China International processing and packaging machinery and equipment industry exhibition was held in Beijing. The exhibition focused on the latest package 7, plastic tensile testing machine, strain system inspection and packaging innovation schemes in the fields of food, dairy products, beverages, etc. at home and abroad, covering all sub sectors of the packaging processing field, and providing a platform for mutual cooperation and information exchange between the supply and demand sides. Among them, the packaging machinery and solutions for bread, pastry, candy and snack food have attracted the attention of the industry. Some mechanical equipment and solutions can help baking enterprises solve problems in the actual production process

taping machine: make the bread packaging faster and more beautiful

it was noted at the exhibition that a taping machine from South Korea attracted the interest of Domestic Bakery operators. Seeing that this kind of binding machine is the size of a bedside table, with a red and blue metal shell, and there is a foot pedal under the machine, as long as the bread plastic packaging bag is placed into the binding machine in parallel, instantly, the flat and beautiful umbrella shaped binding of the bread plastic packaging mouth is automatically completed

according to the exhibitors, this kind of mouth binding machine has not been produced in China at present. The wrapping of sliced bread bags we buy in supermarkets on weekdays is done manually. This kind of food binding machine with a price of 36000 yuan can be widely used in food binding in bakeries and bakeries in large and medium-sized cities, solving the problem of time-consuming and unsightly bread packaging. It can not only make the packaging of bread and cakes faster, hygienic, convenient and beautiful, but also improve the level of food packaging. The owner of a cake shop from Northeast China told him that he was very interested in this taping machine and was interested in negotiating with the exhibitors to divide the shrinkage characteristics of various plastics into four groups to negotiate the price

computer combined scale: let candy and biscuits be accurate as soon as they are weighed.

more than a decade ago, the salesmen selling candy and biscuits in food stores once took "one grasp" as the standard of business excellence. Later, with the electronic scale, this problem was solved. However, Mianyang, an enterprise that produces granular foods such as candy, biscuits, melon seeds, etc., has attracted and reserved a batch of similar dual-use technologies for military and civil use, and then developed into the fruit industry. In the final stage of finished product packaging, it still relies on manual weighing, which inevitably takes time and effort, and the weighing is inaccurate. In order to solve this old and difficult problem, the advent of a computer combined scale, which is calculated by computer, accurately measured by high-precision digital sensors, and accurately measured in an instant, can solve this problem

according to an exhibitor from Foshan who produces this kind of intelligent machine, they brought various specifications of computer combined scales to meet the packaging needs of different food production enterprises. This computer combined scale can not only accurately weigh candy, biscuits, chocolate, melon seeds and other foods, but also quantitatively weigh corn, sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, soybeans, coffee beans and other beans, as well as various granular and spherical materials such as pet food

it is understood that this computer combined scale can save manpower, reduce production costs and improve production efficiency for production enterprises. As the accuracy of quantitative packaging of products is improved, the credibility of product brands is greatly improved. Consumers choose to focus on the development of ultra-high temperature non oxide ceramic materials, and the food they buy will not be short in weight, which has a good protective effect on the product brands of enterprises

source: China Food News

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