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New equipment for detecting metal residues in packaged food came out

lock inspectionsys is therefore not suitable for the experiment of plastic and rubber materials. Tems company has developed a high-frequency metal detector specially for food producers and packaging workers

in the process of food processing, the debris or fragments produced by the local peeling of the processing machine, the metal debris and debris from the filter screen, and the sundries during the cutting or drilling of the machine during the maintenance of the machine will often penetrate into the production line at any stage of the production process, so as to enter the food packaged to reduce the pulsating ingredients

the new food safety regulations force food producers to improve various safety measures to ensure food supply. The high-frequency metal detector has high sensitivity for the detection of various non-ferrous metals and stainless steel metals, and can detect such metal substances in packaged food. The detection of non-ferrous metals and stainless steel with high purity and high impedance has always been the biggest challenge to the commonly used metal detectors, especially when food is packaged with aluminum foil, it is difficult to detect them

the newly developed detector is called met30+ high frequency metal detector. It adopts a pure ultra-high frequency, which can effectively detect the metals in various dry foods after packaging, such as biscuits and baked goods, so that there is no need to unpack the products for inspection, thus speeding up the operation speed, saving time and improving efficiency

Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. can do experiments such as stretching, tightening, bending, peeling and puncture in all materials within 10000n. Met30+ high-speed steel pig iron is in short supply in some regions. The frequency metal detector has introduced the patented ADC software of lock company. Various data signals detected from the metal detector will be displayed on the screen, and any change in the signal can be immediately determined, The detector will automatically adjust to the corresponding product detected

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