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In the new era of smart justice, Jietong Huasheng Lingyun AI product matrix fully supports the

portable in the interrogation room, role recognition through voiceprint, multi dialect and multilingual communication, automatic transcription of transcripts, intelligent case consultation, and accurate and three-dimensional legal services. These scenes are the epitome of the judicial system's deepening digital rule of law and the construction of smart justice

compared with the judicial activities that have also made similar tests, AI systems have incomparable advantages in many aspects. After visiting many public security organs on the spot, Jietong Huasheng integrated artificial intelligence technologies such as speech recognition, semantic understanding, voiceprint recognition, machine translation and other business scenarios of the judicial system with the top-level design of judicial informatization construction, and launched a series of solutions such as Lingyun Zhilu inquiry, Lingyun Zhisheng all-in-one machine and so on

the inquiry content is automatically transcribed by role, and the whole information can be traced.

in the face of the actual situation of a large number of one-to-one interrogation scenes in the field of public security, procuratorial and legal affairs, such as interrogating suspect, improving the effective utilization rate of waste, interrogating witnesses, accepting urban management cases, and receiving petitioners, Jietong Huasheng launched the Lingyun Zhilu inquiry system, which can carry out real-time voice transcribing of the whole process of inquiry (inquiry), And automatically distinguish the interviewer and the respondent, quickly generate conversation records, and finally unified archiving and management, which not only liberates the case handlers from the recording link, but also intelligently manages the case, greatly improving the efficiency of handling the case

in the process of transcribing the content of the inquiry (inquiry), Lingyun Zhilu will record the whole process at the same time, and provide the function of voice word comparison. The reviewer can directly jump to the corresponding widely used in cars and transportation 1 through text Make the processing operation time longer and input the recording node. In addition, according to the different functions of different institutions such as the Public Security Bureau, the procuratorate, the court, and the urban management and Law Enforcement Bureau, Lingyun Zhilu has launched a rich professional transcript template to help law enforcement officers accurately use standardized scripts and French in the process of questioning, so as to provide guarantee for the legalization and standardized management of law enforcement

portable inquiry (inquiry) system, multi dialect and multilingual recognition

visit and investigate cases, dialect is difficult to understand? The signal is bad, and the equipment cannot be used? At present, Lingyun Zhisheng all-in-one machine, which has been put into use in many local public security systems, has opened up the recognition ability of Cantonese, Minnan, Shanghainese, Sichuan dialect and other dialects, Uyghur, Tibetan, Kazakh, Korean, Mongolian, Li, Zhuang and other national languages, as well as English, French, Russian, German, Arab, Japanese, Korean and other multilingual languages, and has carried out rich corpus training according to the characteristics of the field of public security, procuratorial and judicial departments, The overall recognition rate continued to improve

in order to be easy to carry and use, Lingyun intelligent voice all-in-one machine provides the computing power required by artificial intelligence such as speech recognition, machine translation, voiceprint recognition, etc. by this machine, it can be put into use even in remote mountainous areas, and the data is saved locally, with higher security

meeting management is intelligent, and multi forms open an efficient mode.

with the intelligent construction of justice, internal strategy meetings and case discussion meetings have become more efficient with the help of artificial intelligence technology. In the process of serving multiple land, political and legal institutions, Lingyun intelligent meeting system can not only record the speech content of everyone in the meeting in real time, but also transcribe the historical meeting recording offline. The staff can quickly output the meeting minutes by simply modifying and correcting. Meeting intelligence makes the record simple, efficient, and well documented, which is convenient for meeting traceability and management

unlike traditional meetings, Lingyun Zhihui also innovates in form. Through the combination of subtitles and speech content, real-time speech on the screen, automatic speech synthesis and broadcasting, visual and auditory cooperation makes the meeting content easier to convey and understand, so that information can be shared quickly

multi channel consulting services, with records and laws to follow.

in the construction process of smart justice, full consideration has been given to the modernization and intelligent change process of people's lives. Jietong Huasheng has built Lingyun intelligent customer service system in response to the needs of judicial institutions in many places. People can handle legal consultation, case inquiry and other businesses through,, app, official and other channels

by making typical cases public, some parties can choose mediation or negotiation to solve disputes after knowing enough information and clarifying their rights and obligations, which can effectively reduce unnecessary litigation and save judicial resources

the opening of a multi-channel consultation platform will help to do a good job in the publicity and education of the rule of law, strengthen the people's concept of the rule of law, make the people believe in the law, find a law when things happen, and improve the level of rule of law in urban governance

intelligent justice construction of all-round AI services

as a leading provider of all-round artificial intelligence technology, products and services in China, Jietong Huasheng has always adhered to empowering all industries, sharing the vision of the future development of AI, giving full play to the technical advantages accumulated in the field of AI and the experience advantages of deep cultivation in the industry, aiming at digital rule of law and intelligent justice, and closely fitting the needs of judicial business, Intelligent justice construction is enabled by all-round AI technology and Lingyun series products

in the future, Jietong Huasheng will continue to strengthen its support and services for the intelligent construction of the public security, procuratorial and judicial department, and provide stable, reliable, safe, reliable and sustainable AI technologies, products and services through the integration of capabilities, applications and services, so as to deliver AI power for the construction of intelligent justice

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