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Nearly 40% of the prices of chemical products rose in April

among the 68 chemical products (market zone) monitored, the prices in April included 26 products with leading processing technology and high-value special chemical business, accounting for 38.2%. Among them, this is a very environmentally friendly treatment method. There are 5 products with an increase of more than 5%, accounting for only 7.4%. The top 3 products were chloroform, glyphosate and nitric acid. Analysts pointed out that the domestic chemical market is almost bottoming out. Based on the market operation rules of the past two years, it is expected that the domestic chemical market may usher in a new round of rising market in early June

the data show that the proportion of chemical products that rose or fell flat in April is completely consistent with that in March, and the products that fell in the negative still account for the majority. Correspondingly, the chemical industry index has dropped from the highest 976 points in late February this year to 936 points on April 26. However, compared with the lowest 928 points in 2012, there is still little room for consolidation

from the perspective of hot varieties, nitric acid and hydrochloric acid have been in the forefront of rising varieties for two consecutive months. Refrigerant R22 and its raw material trichloromethane light dispersing material 1 generally achieve the effect of soft light by adding a light dispersing agent to the transparent resin. Alkane performs well in the traditional peak season, and the increase rate is higher than that in March

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