The price of nitrile rubber in the hottest Guangdo

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The price of nitrile rubber in Guangdong market remained relatively stable

the price of nitrile rubber in Guangdong market remained relatively stable, and the local Russian 33A mainstream quotation was 19500 yuan/ton; The mainstream price of Jinhu 35lm is more than 22000 yuan/ton, that of Japan jsr220 is 25500 yuan/ton, and that of jsr230 and 240 is 24500 yuan/ton, which is relatively low compared with other markets; Japan's ryon has very few sources of goods. The mainstream quotation for the appointment of the new chairman of n41 Bayer materials technology is about 25200 yuan/ton; Lanzhou Petrochemical n41 and 32 reported 21300 yuan/ton

july is the traditional off-season in the nitrile rubber market, so the demand is difficult to have great commercial potential to improve. Although the market is stable, the upward momentum is obviously insufficient, so the market should be stable in the near future

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