The price of polyester chips in East China fell sl

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In June, the price of polyester chips in East China fell slightly

in the first ten days of June, the active trading situation in the polyester chip market in East China did not change, but the price rose and fell. From June 1 to June 10, the market reference price of large polyester chips was 7900-8000 yuan (ton price, the same below), down 100 yuan compared with the last ten days of May; The market reference price of small polyester chips is 7500-7300 yuan, the same as that in late May; The high viscosity polyester chip was 8400-8700 yuan, down 200 yuan compared with the last ten days of May. HP's material development and certification process

main features of the market: first, the domestic polyester chip price has risen continuously for nearly three months, and the cumulative increase has been large, including the very transparent clearlexanxhr20 and the real-time broadening of the display range; 00 plates (when uncoated), clearlexanxhr2hc1 and lexanxhr2hc2 plates and other new materials were sold off wantonly under the condition that the manufacturers made huge profits; Second, the polyester chip manufacturers jointly raised the quotation, which was resisted by downstream manufacturers. When the demand decreased compared with the previous period, the price gradually dropped; Third, the international price of polyester chips gradually fell back. On June 7, it was $730-745, down $15 compared with the last ten days of May, which to some extent led to the decline in the domestic market price

as the price of polyester chips has risen by a large margin, it is a foregone conclusion that the price of polyester chips will fall to the top. However, considering that the price of terephthalic acid is still on the high side, there is not much room for its price to fall, and there is some support at 7500 yuan

in addition, it also acts as an agent for Shougang, Baosteel, Hangang, Jiyuan, Wuyang and other enterprises' product statements:

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