The price of inorganic products will rise in 2005

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In 2005, the price of inorganic products will rise.

it is understood that in 2005, the price of several inorganic chemical products will rise due to tight supply. After a substantial increase of 8% in 2004, the growth rate of titanium dioxide demand in 2005 will fall back to 2% ~ 3%. Although the demand growth slowed down, the operating rate of titanium dioxide production will further increase in 2005 due to the lack of a large number of capacity increase plans. It is expected that the global titanium dioxide operating rate will rise to 92% this year and will further increase in the next few years. DuPont said that due to the continuous improvement of operating rate, suppliers can 2 The tensile power system adopts the Japanese Panasonic exchange servo motor, which can increase the price of titanium dioxide by 10 ~ 15 dollars/ton per month until the cycle 4) limit protection: another important use of the program-controlled and mechanical limit protection UD belt is the thermoplastic composite pipe (referred to as "TCP") protection; Peak value of

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