The price of liquid epoxy resin increased by 500 y

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After the festival, the working chamber volume of the liquid epoxy resin climate environment test box should be at least 3-5 times the external volume of the tested product, and the price increased by 500 yuan/ton

, At present, the average increase in the liquid product market is up to 500 yuan/ton, and the mainstream prices are yuan/ton (E-44) and yuan/ton (E-51), while the solid epoxy resin market also shows a positive state, with a small increase in prices, and the downstream basically maintains stable demand; The mainstream ex factory price of solid epoxy resin E-12 (604) in Shandong is yuan/ton. Some local factories are still in the process of shutdown, while the mainstream price in Huangshan is yuan/ton. The market atmosphere is stable. Bayer materials technology and Shanghai chlor alkali chemical signed a preliminary agreement on the brine reuse project

although domestic resin factories are actively following the rise driven by raw materials, it also shows concern about whether the future market can be sustained; The reason mainly comes from the pressure of ECH, which is still in the stage of strong demand during this period. If the surge of raw materials brings unbearable pressure to the downstream, it is bound to lead to weak and shrinking demand. There are many uncertain factors as to whether the new price of raw materials can stand. At the same time, whether the status of domestic ECH plants is the status quo in the short term or whether other reasons continue for a long time still determines the further action of epoxy resin plants. It is not easy for epoxy resin to rise sharply. It is expected that it will rise slowly in the future under the current situation of shortage of raw materials

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