The price of float glass continued to rise slightl

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Research Report of building materials industry: the price of inner float glass continued to rise slightly

cement: the national cement market price this week was 337 yuan/ton, the same as last week. The price of high-grade cement is 337 yuan/ton, and the price of low-grade cement is 301 yuan/ton, both unchanged from last week. The national mill operating rate is 39. 3%, 2% lower than that of the previous week. 8%。 Cement stock 65. 0%, unchanged from last week. The national cement coal price difference was 257 yuan/ton, the same as last week. In the middle and late December, driven by the demand for expediting work before the year, the demand performance of the downstream market is acceptable, and the daily shipment volume of most enterprises in East China, Central South and southwest China remains at or normal level; In terms of price, as the overall inventory level in various regions is not high, it continues to focus on a small correction

key events of this week: 1) Hubei will carry out peak shifting production in the cement industry from January 1, 2017. The cement production lines in the province will stop kilns for at least 90 days throughout the year. Peak shifting production is mainly arranged in environmentally sensitive periods in winter, spring and hot summer seasons. 2) The collaboration among leading enterprises has been further deepened. Recently, Jinyu China Resources signed the strategic cooperation agreement and joined hands with the leading cement enterprises in South China. Shanxi is a business overlapping region, and the supply pattern is expected to be improved

investment strategy: we expect that in the process of infrastructure underpinning and real estate gradually bottoming out, the fundamental focus in the past 17 years is still on the supply side: 1) greater efforts have been made to limit production through environmental protection, and large-scale kilns in Henan, Hebei and Shandong have been shut down for three months; 2) The integration trend of leading enterprises has been determined, and the awareness of collaboration has been continuously strengthened; 3) Eliminate excess capacity through market competition; 4) Supply side reform promotes capacity contraction from top to bottom. 4. Computer data processing and analysis. The fourth quarter is the traditional peak season of the cement industry. It is suggested to allocate the cement sector when the industry's profit inflection point and profitability are improved. In terms of configuration, it is recommended to pay attention to the leaders of undervalued value and regional cement enterprises with expectation of price increase, including Jidong Cement, conch cement, Huaxin Cement, etc.; the reform of state-owned enterprises should pay attention to Ningxia building materials and Qilian Mountain; the leaders of consumer building materials should recommend Dongfang Yuhong, Weixing new materials, AIA ceiling and Beixin building materials in turn

we recommend two main lines for new building materials: Main Line 1. Transform and upgrade building materials enterprises and actively embrace the new economy. Under the background that the industry fundamentals are affected and it is difficult to recover strongly, we believe that the building materials sector transformation and industrial model innovation are becoming more and more frequent in 2016, which will continue to be the main theme of industry investment. Many companies in the industry that face bottlenecks in fundamentals will further accelerate their transformation under the pressure of the registration system. Recommend xiuqiang shares and Nachuan shares. Main line 2: new consumer building materials. It is recommended to pay attention to the listed public 7 and cold 3 of household building materials including the following two points The instrument has a metallographic structure interface device with high-resolution display of indentation and sample: the crud of the air-cooled cooler should be cleaned regularly; When selecting water-cooled pipes, it is necessary to regularly investigate whether the cooling copper pipes have signs of cracking and water leakage; Company: 1) industry leader, a company with strong brand effect and premium product quality; 2) It has a strong offline layout and can provide seamless offline services. Recommended targets: Weixing new materials, Beixin building materials and Dongfang Yuhong, which are recommended to be the leading companies in the subdivision of undervalued value and whose annual performance exceeds the expectation

flat glass: the average price of glass in major cities this week (4mm) was 72. 50 yuan/heavy container, the same as last week, of which the price in Qinhuangdao is 66. 0 yuan/heavy container, the same as last week. The price in Xi'an is 69 yuan. 5 yuan/heavy container, down 1% from last week. 42% and 66% in Beijing. 5 yuan/heavy container, the same as last week. The price in Shanghai is 77 yuan. 5 yuan/heavy container, up 1% from last week. 31% and 83% in Guangzhou. 0 yuan/heavy container, the same as last week. 1. New experimental record. Main indicators: kiln shutdown rate (30.34%, at a high level), price difference proportion (18.95%, down 0.72% month on month), inventory (3150, down 0.85% month on month)

domestic float glass prices continued to rise slightly this week, with good market trading. The price of sheet metal in North China Shahe market rose slightly, and the overall inventory of the market increased slightly due to the influence of smog; Central China steadily rose by 1 yuan/weight box, with overall sales exceeding production and tight supply; A small number of factories in South China raised 1 yuan/weight box sporadically, and the upstream and downstream enterprises were greatly affected by environmental supervision; Production capacity in East China was reduced and prices rose across the board. 5 yuan/weight box; The price in Northwest China is stable, and the production and sales situation is acceptable; Individual enterprises in Southwest Sichuan and Guizhou increased slightly; The Northeast market has not been adjusted much, and the manufacturers have entered the state of winter storage. At present, the inventory of float glass market is at a low level, and the supply side is slightly reduced due to the impact of environmental protection. From the downstream, the operating rate of some mirror making enterprises has decreased due to environmental protection factors, the overall demand will gradually weaken next month, and the supply-demand structure will gradually change. Although the production cost is high, the overall float enterprises have achieved profits, and the profits in recent months have been significantly lower than those in August and September. In view of the expectation that the market demand will decline next month, it is expected that the market will gradually stabilize at the end of the month, but the inventory is low, the transaction is good, and there are still some small gains

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