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As a well-known brand of customized wardrobe, canoya wardrobe has been adhering to the core values of people-oriented, quality first and service-oriented for 15 years. Kanoya "zhaoxianna city" Guangdong station will be launched on April 21. We look forward to your arrival

customized wardrobe has become a necessary choice for European and American family decoration in the 1980s, and it is only in the initial stage of development in China. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, customized wardrobes have gradually come into the eyes of Chinese people. According to the Chinese family survey report, more than 80% of families still use finished furniture, and 90% of families are not satisfied with the collocation of their own furniture

in the current customized wardrobe Market in China, there are many brands, which makes it difficult for people to choose. So, how do we choose the most valuable customized wardrobe brand

Kanoya wardrobe. Since its inception 15 years ago, Kanoya has more than 500 franchised stores and 1.5 million square meters of workshops across the country. The core values of people-oriented, quality first and service-oriented have deeply affected every Kanoya people. With the proposal of Internet + Premier Li Keqiang, canoya comprehensively upgraded the original online mall "customization home" and took the lead in seizing the market of cloud Furniture Customization

canoya's "zhaoxianna city" Guangdong Station was launched on April 21. During the session, you are expected to join, and canoya will help you dig for gold





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