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At present, with the overall downturn in the domestic home building materials industry, many wardrobe wholesalers and agents are facing a severe sales environment, and many upstream manufacturers have appropriately implemented tightening policies because they are worried that downstream sales cannot keep up with production. Looking at the current wardrobe industry, the big brand wardrobe enterprises that are firmly in the front line are expanding their investment promotion teams and building terminal stores. They always believe in the power of brands and the existence of rigid demand markets

whether it continues to expand or remains stable, this is the strategic judgment made by the wardrobe enterprises according to the market situation and their own reality. As long as they do not blindly follow the trend, I believe that the wardrobe enterprises can achieve better development

some wardrobe enterprises adhere to the expansion strategy

after years of development, the enterprises in the domestic wardrobe industry have become more and more mature and rational. The current market is not as good as the previous two years, but many home furnishing giant enterprises still believe that this is a rare opportunity, and the industry reshuffle will only help enterprises occupy a larger market. Therefore, they have not slowed down the pace of expansion because the industry as a whole has entered the "new normal", and accelerating the expansion mode has become the new year's new strategy of these enterprises

it is undeniable that when the enterprise develops to a certain stage, accelerating the construction, training and vertical and horizontal expansion of wardrobe wholesalers and agents has become an inevitable choice for the development of the enterprise. However, when expanding, wardrobe enterprises also need to closely follow the needs of market consumers, find the most suitable development path for the enterprise, and do not expand blindly

the channel sinking of wardrobe enterprises cannot be blind

however, at present, household building materials enterprises such as wardrobe are facing not only the new normal of the overall economic slowdown, but also foreign "invaders" who are eyeing the household industry with huge amounts of capital, one by one under the banner of subversion. In this environment, if household enterprises such as wardrobe blindly expand regardless of their own strength in order to expand their market share, Will face huge risks

2017 is a key year for many household building materials enterprises such as wardrobes to determine the success or failure of their rise and fall. Rash expansion or cautious contraction may lose their hard won market position. Therefore, professional deep cultivation has become a major mainstream view for enterprises to seek development. Facing the increasingly severe situation, some leaders of wardrobe enterprises quietly found a major direction of deep cultivation - rushing to the countryside

in general, the particularity of the wardrobe industry directly leads to their differences from other industries. The wardrobe industry, which has developed for decades, has generally tended to ease, and basically can achieve channel differentiation. It is not difficult to predict that 2017 will be a good time for wardrobe enterprises to further deploy in the third, fourth and fifth tier cities and occupy the vast rural market

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