Saving money is the last word. 15 tips for reducin

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1. Make the ceiling simple

don't make complex ceilings on the ceiling, and try to hide the lights. Ceiling decoration is out of date. What we need is to make the ceiling simple and ensure that there is enough floor height to stretch the space of life. If you feel that the ceiling is not too monotonous, then paint it with your favorite colors; In addition, using simple lamps is now fashionable

2. Reduce unnecessary details

try to reduce the visible and cumbersome details in the room. For example, the wardrobe in the walk-in cloakroom actually does not need a door

3 rebuild on the original basis

if you choose a second-hand house, you can completely use the existing ground and save a lot of money, because you don't need to bother to re lay the waterproof layer at all, without affecting the wall height, and only need to lay a new floor on the original ground. Of course, if you still want to keep the original door, you need to ask someone to deal with the bottom of the door, because the ground has become higher

4. Make good use of old furniture

think carefully when deciding to throw away old furniture and look around your new home. Perhaps as long as it is slightly modified and changed, it can become a super modern thing in your family, not to mention it may be the only thing in your family that records your past. Maybe it hopes to continue to accompany you and your family

5. Please carefully consider whether you really need to remove something

think twice before you decide to remove something. On the one hand, we should understand what can be removed and what is not allowed to be removed; On the other hand, we should know that the cost of demolition and construction is the same

6. Reduce the use of materials, not the process

the quality of the process must be guaranteed, so the labor cost cannot be saved, so the best choice is to save materials, such as using PVC to replace wood

7. Control the number of types of materials used in home decoration

the less materials used, the easier it is to coordinate the style. Moreover, if you choose a large number of the same materials from suppliers, you can often get preferential prices, and the expenditure must be less than a small number of different types of materials you choose. In addition, you can also reduce the time and labor cost of changing construction personnel of different types of work during the decoration process




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