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Think twice, the bearer of the streetlight industry. Smart streetlights are coming strongly.

this year's Shanghai exhibition is at full throttle, comprehensively innovating, focusing on the development of urban landscape lighting for the first time, and showing you innovative solutions for global urban lighting. A grand event of lighting industry is about to open. Many enterprises with completely independent intellectual property rights are ready to put into production the first 10000 ton SEBS industrial device, and Shanghai Sansi has also made a strong attack, demonstrating the "18 kinds of martial arts" of Sansi's smart street lamp with strength

highlight 1 of Sansi smart street lamp:

through the multimedia devices (LED display and audio devices) loaded on the new smart street lamp, we can integrate the future citizen information publishing terminals, interactive terminals and convenient trading terminals, and collect citizens' personal consumption data, government public opinion data and enterprise advertising data

Then measure the size of the output

think twice about smart street light highlight 2:

through the wireless communication equipment installed on the new smart street light, you can realize the layout of micro base stations and WiFi full coverage in the park, which not only solves the problem of 4G network construction of operators, but also provides public or commercial WiFi services, which is the best integration solution to realize the informatization, mobility and broadband of smart cities and smart parks

in recent years, smart streetlights, as the darling of smart city construction, have become smart nodes in smart cities by virtue of their geographical advantages of "everywhere on the road" and the convenience of power supply with their own municipal power supply. It can not only serve as an important information transmission channel, but also carry big data such as urban culture and consumption information, which can be said to be quite perfect

Sansi has rich experience in the construction of smart street lamps and has participated in many projects

zuo'anmen West Street composite street lamp project

Beijing Lighting Center focuses on building smart street lamps to promote the construction of Beijing smart city. These smart street lamps can not only illuminate, but also charge electric vehicles, connect WiFi, monitor road video information, monitor PM2.5, release temperature, wind speed, air pressure and other information, and provide many convenient services for the lives of the general public

the composite wisdom road lamp pole in Beijing conforms to the architectural characteristics of Tiananmen Square. The gold copper bar base with auspicious cloud pattern is matched with the beige bar body, which is not as beautiful as the strength school

the project consists of 20 groups of smart street lamps, 2 groups of sensors, focus ordnance, and 16 groups of charging piles for environmental protection stocks (Pengqi technology, Wanze shares, BaoTi shares, Western materials, etc.). The construction of composite light poles not only beautifies the surrounding environment of the road, but also avoids the asynchronous and repeated construction of infrastructure, saves investment, and achieves resource integration and intensive management

Jiangsu Hongze intelligent road develops the lithium resource lamp project of Dalangtan Salt Lake

Jiangsu Hongze is the first city in China to apply the intelligent street lamp system on a large scale. Hongze housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau focuses on building smart street lamps to promote the construction of "smart Hongze". By taking advantage of the wide range, electricity, carrier connection, proximity to residential areas and other characteristics of lamp poles, it integrates WiFi hotspot, wireless network, environmental detection and other functions, and provides a variety of convenient services for citizens and the government

the project consists of 3000 intelligent dimming LED street lights, 31 intelligent street lights, 12 groups of sensors and Star River system platform. With the advantages of high light efficiency, low light attenuation, low power consumption and good stability, and the intelligent dimming system, led smart street lamps can automatically adjust the brightness according to weather conditions and traffic flow, which greatly improves the efficiency of power resource utilization and realizes "secondary energy saving"

this year's Shanghai International Landscape Lighting Exhibition pioneered the scene display mode. At the exhibition site, you will see poetic lighting interactive devices, starry urban road lighting, and bridge design... At that time, Sansi will also show the application of its landscape lighting on the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge

the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, praised by the British guardian as one of the "seven wonders of the modern world", is the world's longest sea crossing bridge and by far the largest bridge tunnel combination project. As an important part of the construction of the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, lighting has high requirements for the technology and quality of lighting fixtures. Among them, LED lighting fixtures are exclusively supplied by Shanghai Sansi

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