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Tektronix won the "Star" award issued by TV technology magazine

Beijing, China. On April 29, 2010, Tektronix, a market leader in broadcast video testing, monitoring and analysis solutions, recently announced that wvr8200/8300 waveform monitor series products were on the 2010 nab exhibition, It won the 2010 star (the product form of supe, a polymer resin, is regular spherical particles rior Technology Award recipient) award issued by the TV technology magazine team

The star award of TV technology magazine is dedicated to the recognition of outstanding technological innovation that has made outstanding contributions to the radio and television industry. This year is the 10th anniversary of the award. The staff and columnists of TV technology magazine reviewed a large number of products, investigated their technical applications and their contributions to the radio and television industry, and then decided on the final award list

nab shows thousands of new products and technologies in the professional field of audio and video every year. Tom butts, a TV technology magazine, said that our review team looks for those products with the most innovative technology at the cleaning meeting of exhibition machines and fixtures, and awards them Star Awards. These products and technologies have proved their influence in promoting the progress and development of the entire media and entertainment industry by virtue of their outstanding capabilities

provide industry-leading technical support for 3g-sdi

wvr8200 and wvr8300 are specially designed to help engineers and technicians in the radio and television industry complete equipment debugging in a more time-saving and labor-saving way. They can more effectively detect the deterioration of system quality and avoid the reduction of advertising revenue and the reduction of the number of users before they evolve into quality problems. Wvr8200 and wvr8300 have the most perfect physical layer measurement functions in the industry, including automatic eye pattern parameter measurement and jitter measurement of 3g-sdi signal, as well as jitter waveform display and cable length measurement of Tech. In addition, the alarm information provided by them can help users identify and diagnose the quality problems of video and audio content, such as peak value, time and ancillary data (vanc) problems during field blanking

these two new waveform monitors integrate the color gamut display tools patented by tech, which are essential for color correction and content of program production and post production. The patented brightness qualified vector (LQV) display enables users to adjust the chrominance component in the vector display according to different brightness amplitude ranges. Another patented spearhead display provides a new tool for color grading adjustment, which enables color technicians and program producers to view video content in brightness, lightness (VA, the difference of products reflects the manufacturing and management ability of the enterprise itself) and saturation color space

we are very proud to stand out from many companies and become one of the few companies that can win the star award during the NAB 2010 exhibition. Eben Jenkins, general manager of the video Department of tech, said that the wvr8200/8300 monitor series can help radio and television owners and network operators easily monitor and diagnose signal quality problems. This award is a great encouragement from the staff and columnists of TV technology magazine, which will make us work harder to provide innovative products for our customers

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tv Technology () is a mainstream magazine with a history of 27 years and a high reputation in the radio and television industry, covering industry technology and related comments. The magazine is published by NewBay Media LLC, the world's largest video and audio publisher

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for more than 60 years, engineers have been seeking test, measurement and monitoring solutions from Tektronix to meet design challenges, improve production efficiency and significantly shorten the time to market. Tektronix is a leading supplier of testing instruments, providing support to engineers who focus on electronic design, manufacturing and advanced technology development. Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, the United States, tech provides award-winning services and support to customers worldwide. To obtain cutting-edge technology, please log in

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