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Tech: review the electronic testing and measurement industry in 2009

due to the impact of the financial crisis, the prospects of all industries around the world are very low, and the situation in 2009 is not optimistic. Generally speaking, it shows a downward trend. According to the data reports of some listed companies, there is a reduction of about 30% - 40% this year, so that many test and measurement manufacturers are unwilling to review the nightmare of 2009, but Qi Shenggang, the market manager of Tech China, is not shy. After all, tech technology has achieved "relatively good" performance in terms of performance, personnel stability and new products

at the same time, Qi Shenggang has to admit that because the testing and measurement industry tends to be more and more subdivided, it is found that the travel of the actuator is only ± 10mm in different industries, countries and regions, and the normal condition should be ± 50mm. At this time, there are problems in the system setting, different product lines, and specific subdivision demand changes will have different effects. Therefore, we need to look at the performance of this year in an all-round way. "For example, the electronic manufacturing industry has been greatly affected, and the purchase volume has decreased significantly for a long time." Qi Shenggang pointed out, "in some industries, such as government research institutes and universities, the situation is relatively stable, and even slightly developed. This includes the demand for basic research instruments in universities and scientific research institutions, as well as the increase in some special market demand such as thermometers and thermometers."

industry characteristics: user oriented leading demand

as mentioned earlier, although the economic crisis has a great impact, the technological development of basic research and cutting-edge technology has not fallen behind, and the industry characteristics of testing and measurement are customer-oriented instrument providers, so they need to meet the leading needs of users. In 2009, tech launched 20GHz spectrum analyzer and expanded high-end MSO product line to adapt to this situation

in addition, in the testing and measurement industry, users are more and more sensitive to price and demanding conditions for cost control. In terms of operation, the "fool" operation mode and the matching selection of instruments are more and more demanding, and complex settings are often daunting. This is also one of the directions that the Tektronix China team is working on. In view of the special situation in China, Tektronix has not only expanded the scale of its technical support team and product seminars, but also launched unique products for the Chinese market

development strategy: make progress in stability

it is inevitable to launch new products in the development, so how to ensure the recognition of new products? Qi Shenggang pointed out that the company's technology accumulation, talent preparation, market operation and abundant funds are the primary conditions for SBS to be an excellent styrene thermoplastic elastomer. Secondly, the recognition and trust of product brands will promote the promotion of new products, and finally, a smooth sales channel is needed

Tektronix's sales pipeline is mainly divided into two parts. The first is the direct sales team facing major customers. They explore customer needs, excavate details, and have a faster response speed. They have more interaction with key customers to help customers solve technical or cost challenges, so as to achieve a win-win situation. Secondly, Tektronix assists in the distribution of products through agents and distributors. "Tektronix's agents have always been very stable. We have long-term cooperation and close cooperation, which not only ensures the common long-term development between us, but also reflects our consistent service commitment to customers." Qi Shenggang said

at the same time this year, Tektronix has actively expanded its store operations and set up physical stores in major electronic markets, where users can get close to, try and contact products

global development of electronic testing and measurement industry

due to the characteristics of the fine differentiation of the testing and measurement industry, local enterprises have achieved very good performance in some fields, but frankly speaking, foreign companies are still in the leading position in the medium and high-end fields. As a local professional manager, Qi Shenggang still hopes that China's testing and measurement industry will make a breakthrough in technology. After all, testing and measurement is a necessary condition for the development of science and technology. Secondly, due to the characteristics of the industry, testing and measurement are often not paid enough attention, "we compare ourselves to selling tools, such as the clothing industry. Without scissors and rulers, you can't make clothes. Although you can't think of scissors and rulers when wearing clothes, you can't make clothes without them." Qi Shenggang joked. At present, China's local test and measurement equipment manufacturers are also actively investing in the research and development of high-end products, trying to divide a piece of cake from this industry of great strategic significance

however, Qi Shenggang also has another interpretation of multinational companies and local companies: "from the perspective of global development, the geographical differentiation of electronic testing and measurement enterprises will become increasingly blurred." In fact, as the internationalization process of excellent domestic enterprises continues to accelerate, domestic instruments can be bought in India, even in Europe and the United States and other countries. These products, technologies and names have been very westernized, so users will not care at all; At the same time, the localization process of multinational companies is also very good. Employing local engineers, managers and even CEOs, they have become "local enterprises" in the domestic market from product procurement, R & D, production to sales

What does 2010 mean to the electronic testing and measurement industry

"it will not cause unnecessary trouble. The uncertainty of the entire economic environment in 2009 is high, and the vast majority of companies are in the process of testing the water. 2010 will be relatively optimistic, and signs of stability can be seen in many fields and markets. The market development form will be more bright next year, and the possibility of rise is greater than this year." Qi Shenggang stated, "in 2010, the industry will promote technology faster and demand more vigorously. The previously suppressed demand can be released, and new standards will be issued to promote the development of the industry. In short, 2010 means opportunities, hopes, challenges and competition for the electronic testing and measurement industry."

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