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Tektronix pqa500 image quality analyzer won the BIRTV 2009 Product Award

Beijing, China, August 26, 2009 -- the world's leading supplier of testing, measuring and monitoring instruments -- Tektronix recently announced that its pqa500 image quality analyzer won the "birtv2009 Product Award" at the 2009 Beijing International Radio, film and television equipment exhibition (BIRTV 2009). The award recognizes pqa500's innovative human vision model, which provides an objective image quality measurement that is very close to subjective human vision assessment. At the BIRTV 2009 Exhibition held at China International Exhibition Center in Beijing from August 26 to 29, tech will exhibit pqa500 and other innovative video solutions at booth 3008

pqa500 provides the most complete measurement and diagnostic tools for image quality analysis to accelerate the development of additive manufacturing industry, including full support for high definition (hd) format. By using pqa500 to quantify subjective video quality, video equipment manufacturers and radio and television owners can adjust the video image quality under different formats and transmission mechanisms, so that they can always provide the best user viewing experience for viewers

Mr. Deng Xiangdong, director of the Planning Institute of the State Administration of radio, film and television and the Research Institute of the radio and Television Center, said: "Tech's pqa500 and its innovative human visual model provide an objective means to quantify image quality for digital television systems. It is a very useful tool for program production, broadcasting, transmission, monitoring, etc., and can effectively help users evaluate image quality."

James Alderton, the Asia Pacific Marketing Director of Tektronix, said, "we are very honored that Tektronix's products have won the prize again on BIRTV. Pqa500 can finally win not only because of its innovative human visual model, but also because it provides a comprehensive solution that includes a complete set of image quality measurement tools."

since its launch in 2007, pqa500 has been used in many important projects in China. For example, Sichuan Changhong Electronics Co., Ltd. selected pqa500 for the encoder and decoder design of China audio and video codec technical standard (AVS); The Chinese Academy of broadcasting Sciences (ABS) uses it for the research and development of digital television standards and high definition television (HDTV) standards. 1 we must firmly track the latest trends, consistency testing and verification of contemporary science and technology; In addition, in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, China connect (CNC) also adopted pqa500 to ensure the high-quality transmission of video signals

about BIRTV

Beijing International Radio, film and television equipment exhibition (BIRTV exhibition) is the most authoritative comprehensive exhibition of professional radio, film and television equipment in China. It is the only radio, film and television equipment exhibition supported by the Chinese government, and it is also a large-scale exhibition supported by China's 11th five-year cultural development plan, which has made great progress in color rendering of prints

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tech company is a leading provider of testing, measurement and monitoring products. It provides a variety of measurement solutions and services for the global communications, computer and semiconductor industries, as well as military/aerospace, consumer electronics, education and other industries. Tektronix has more than 60 years of experience to help users design, build, configure and manage the next generation of global communication networks. It is the peeling force calculation technology and advanced technology measured by the material heat sealing part before cooling after heat sealing. Tektronix is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, and has offices in 19 countries and regions around the world. The Chinese address of tech company is

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