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Technology injects innovative vitality into metal packaging

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core tip: as one of the four major packaging materials, metal packaging is widely used in the food, beverage and daily chemical industries because of its excellent barrier performance, recyclability, good machining performance and special surface metal luster. At present, the world recognizes that metal packaging is the "safest and most environmentally friendly product" and has great potential for development in the future

[China Packaging News] as one of the four major packaging materials, metal packaging is widely used in the food, beverage and daily chemical industries because of its excellent barrier performance, recyclability, good machinability and special surface metal luster, which Liang TA expressed his hope to replace the metal and glass in cars with resin. At present, the world recognizes that metal packaging is the "safest and most environmentally friendly product" and has great potential for development in the future

metal packaging helps small can drinks grow faster

according to the survey of American business consulting companies, the size of the world beverage can market will grow to $60billion in 2024, an increase of 55% compared with 2015

the growth of beverage can market in economically developed countries is expected, and the growth of small capacity beverage cans will be more obvious. In Europe and central and South America, the demand for energy drinks, coffee drinks and iced tea drinks will continue to rise, and the beverage can market will also grow rapidly

from 2015 to 2024, the average annual growth rate of carbonated beverage market will not be less than 5%, especially in India, Mexico, Thailand, etc

metal packaging can pay special attention to the effective stroke of electronic universal material testing machine and sample fixture to do more for canned food safety.

at present, China has developed into the second largest metal packaging manufacturing country in the world, and a large number of large metal packaging industrial groups continue to emerge. These enterprises have strengthened communication and cooperation with the canned food industry to achieve common development. After decades of development, China's metal packaging industry, which has developed around canned food, has achieved remarkable technological innovation in key links. It has gradually shown the uniqueness of metal packaging in manufacturing equipment, raw material screening, safety index control, control of the migration of toxic and harmful substances, effective detection methods of heavy metals, and extension of product shelf life, playing an increasingly extensive role in ensuring food safety

metal packaging highlights the characteristics of save food and recyclability

metal packaging can extend the shelf life and shelf life of food. No matter what the content is, the packaging date of metal packaging products can exceed 1 year, which is not achieved by other packaging forms

in addition, metal is the real champion of environmental protection in packaging materials. It is unmatched by any other packaging materials in terms of waste recycling, safe use, cost efficiency, renewability and minimization of resource consumption. The environmental protection characteristics of metal are often ignored by enterprises that blindly compete to attract consumers' attention, but it is a real sustainable packaging material

innovation is still the best way to speed up the development of metal packaging

in the packaging industry with increasing market and consumer demand, packaging designers are required to constantly innovate to meet the different needs of consumers. Metal packaging is no exception! I have collected several small cases for your reference

beer metal can packaging that can change color twice

color changing packaging is nothing new. What if it can change color twice

coors light, a light beer owned by molsoncoors, launched a metal package that changes color according to temperature and light. At the most suitable drinking temperature, the blue color on the can will be displayed; When the consumer puts the bottle in the sun, the yellow, orange and red on the package will appear. It calls itself "the first beer in the world that can be activated by sunlight"

this kind of packaging adopts ink with temperature and light sensing technology. The appearance of orange and yellow inks activated by UV does not mean that the beer is too warm. Garrick frittelli, the marketing manager of Coors Light Beer, said that the lower the temperature, the fresher the color, and the stronger the hiding power. "Our market research shows that the first driving force of consumers' willingness to buy is' packaging out '. This ink can bring bright colors to the packaging in an unprecedented way."

the realization of this technology benefits from a US company called chromatictechnologies, Inc (hereinafter referred to as CTI). It is currently the world's largest manufacturer of color changing ink, which can change the color of ink according to temperature or light on the packaging material. Its technology also includes fluorescent ink, or the technology of making a part of the package change color after the product is consumed/consumed. The company has also launched packaging that changes color according to temperature for Coca Cola in Australia

orange: transform into a functional bottle for mixing orange juice

for some mixed juice products that need to be manually operated by consumers, consumers are usually instructed to stir and mix the juice to create an ideal taste. For orange, a French soft drink brand, this is a problem, because most consumers shake the bottle violently, and too much vibration may cause the drink to overflow

the company recently introduced a "upside down can" from the UK to guide customers to subconsciously mix drinks. A spokesman for the company said: "the design of the bottle gives consumers a sense of inversion, which will make them instinctively turn the jar, and wake up the fruit pulp in the bottle to open the mellow orange juice taste through such a gentle shake.

the metal pop-up jar with innovative pull ring

the pop-up jar is called a pop-up jar, as the name suggests, naturally because it is easy to open. But in fact, this kind of" pop-up "has always been conditional, You need nails to easily lift and pull the pull ring open. If you cut your nails thoroughly, you will find it embarrassing. Otherwise, you will sacrifice a little fingertip meat and try your best to squeeze under the pull ring to pick it up; Otherwise, you can only find another tool to pry up the pull ring

yun so hyeon, Changmin Jeong, B after the introduction of the experiment, users can analyze the experimental structure. Yunji Hyun, three Korean designers, moved their minds and made some innovations on the basis of the existing cans. The new idea mainly includes two aspects: one is to extend the pull ring and put it on the edge of the jar; Then change the parallel edge of the jar into a small slope with one side high and the other low

so now to open the can, you don't need to pick up the pull ring first with the help of your fingernails. Just push the pull ring to climb along the slope. Using the lever principle, when the pull ring climbs to the top of the edge, the cover will be opened easily

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