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Tektronix has launched full-automatic testing support for SAS conformance testing

Beijing, China. Tips: once this technology is implemented in China, it will produce huge social and economic benefits. On February 10, 2010, Tektronix, a leading manufacturer in the global oscilloscope market, announced that it has launched an automated conformance testing solution that can support both SATA and SAS (Serial Attached SCSI). The program supports various SAS conformance tests developed by unh-iol and SCSI Trade Association (STA). By using the latest tekexpress software, storage system designers can easily complete the test with only one key and ensure the accuracy and consistency of the test results, which greatly saves the setting time and saves the time-consuming repetitive manual test work

sas has become the main storage interface in the enterprise server environment. Compared with SATA or the previous generation of parallel interface, SAS can provide outstanding expansion ability, faster speed and higher reliability to lift the hammer body off the bottom. The transmitter verification and debugging in 6gb/ssas design requires accurate analysis of jitter and eye diagram, and verification of differential s parameters. By adding support for 6gb/ssas, tekexpress automatic test software meets the different test needs faced by chip providers, drive manufacturers, and OEM system designers

high speed serial testing has become very complex today, requiring the use of multiple correctly set and coordinated instruments at the same time. This complexity and the requirements for speed and efficiency make the demand for test automation software more urgent. Daveslack, marketing manager of tech solutions department, said that after we provided satagen-2 with the industry's first fully automatic conformance test suite in 2008, now we have launched the industry's first extensive test solution that can automatically realize SAS and SATA verification

automated testing saves time and resources

tekexpresssas software provides a wide range of physical layer transmitter and channel measurement functions, so senior engineers do not have to closely monitor the development of test specifications. Instead, all testing requirements have been fully implemented in the software and can be used immediately. 6gb/ssas automatic conformance testing solutions include the following tests:

group 1: out of band (OOB) measurement

group 2: TX spread spectrum clock (SSC) requirements

group 3: txnrz data signal or you meet our requirements and AC parameter measurement

Tektronix provides high-performance oscillographs and signal generators that meet the requirements of 3gb/SSAS and 6gb/ssas conformance testing. The required equipment includes a real-time oscilloscope (DSA70000 series digital serial analyzer) with a bandwidth of more than 10GHz, and an optional high-speed serial signal generator (AWG7000 series arbitrary waveform generator) to support receiver testing and comprehensive test automation

through tekexpress software, engineers can easily complete the setup and execution of SAS and SATA consistency tests, and the test instruments are controlled through tekexpress automation framework. Tekexpress graphical user interface provides common and intuitive setup and testing workflows. Once the test instrument is set up and the DUT is connected correctly, the user can only make the sample size as small as the diameter φ 0.005mm gold wire can execute the selected SAS or SATA test suite by pressing the run button, and then the system will automatically generate a detailed HTML report and scorecard

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