Deduct 6 points if the hottest driving exceeds 4 h

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Driving for more than 4 hours will be deducted by 6 points. The minimum penalty for closing the system is 2000 yuan. It is really too difficult for truck drivers to drive for more than 4 hours will be deducted by 6 points. The minimum penalty for closing the system is 2000 yuan. It is really too difficult for truck drivers to drive for more than 4 hours.

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speaking of Beidou system, card friends are very familiar with it. The comments on Beidou system have always been mixed. The starting point of relevant departments in designing and installing Beidou system is good, but in practical use, Card friends have encountered various problems

what is Beidou system

compulsory installation of one danger and one heavy duty

Beidou satellite navigation system is a global satellite navigation system developed by China. At present, on-board Beidou system terminals are installed on most medium and heavy-duty trucks in China. The role of Beidou system mainly lies in vehicle location and road traffic management

in China, there are two vehicles with Beidou system, one dangerous and one heavy, among which trucks include "one dangerous" dangerous chemical transport vehicles and "one heavy" medium and heavy trucks with more than 12 tons. Originally, the Beidou vehicle terminal is a very helpful system for card users, but in fact, various problems encountered in the use of it also give card users a headache

for the traffic control department cited by the resonance of receiving and transporting goods, the Beidou system records a lot of vehicle driving data, which has also become the basis for their law enforcement. At present, the traffic control department mainly investigates and deals with two kinds of illegal acts against Beidou data: speeding and fatigue driving

Beidou terminal can display the speeding record of vehicles by printing small tickets. As evidence of violation of the law, many card friends have been punished for this. However, some card friends reported in card friend circles, forums and other places that the Beidou system also has the problem of inaccurate records. If you encounter such a problem, you can collect evidence and conduct administrative reconsideration after being punished

check fatigue driving with Beidou

deduct 6 points and impose a penalty of 200

fatigue driving is also the focus of the traffic management department to investigate and deal with by using Beidou system. According to paragraph 7 of Article 62 of the regulations for the implementation of the road traffic safety law, driving a motor vehicle shall not have the behavior of driving a motor vehicle continuously for more than 4 hours without stopping for rest or less than 20 minutes of parking for rest. For violations of the law, the public security traffic management department may punish in accordance with law 6. Simply put, you must rest for 20 minutes after driving for 4 hours

in particular, dangerous chemical transport vehicles. Previously, many provinces and cities have strictly investigated the fatigue driving of dangerous chemical transport vehicles. If they do not rest for more than 4 hours, 12 points will be directly recorded and a fine will be imposed. However, in the actual use process, it is indeed difficult to drive for 4 hours and rest for 20 minutes. The biggest problem faced by card friends is: where to rest

many trucks have no vibration for four weeks. When walking on national and provincial roads, you often encounter such difficulties. Running on mountain roads, there is no place to park at all. If you are not careful, you can't stop in the middle of the mountain road for more than four hours

let's talk about running on the highway. Although there is a service area, sometimes it takes several hours to walk less than 100 kilometers in holidays or heavy traffic jams, but you can't turn off the engine and have to move forward bit by bit. When you encounter a traffic police car inspection, if you haven't rested for more than 4 hours, it belongs to fatigue driving, and you will be fined 6 points and deducted 200 yuan. In this way, 12 points will be deducted twice, and you need to learn again

if you happen to encounter a service area, you can't enter the service area on holidays, so you can only continue driving. There have also been card friends who have been stuck in a traffic jam in the service area and have been driving for nearly 4 hours, but they have no choice but to park in the driveway of the service area. Thinking of leaving in 20 minutes, they didn't expect to be investigated and dealt with by the traffic police. They were fined 200 points for illegal parking

if you don't stop, 6 points will be deducted and 200 yuan will be fined. If you stop carelessly, 3 points will be deducted and 200 yuan will be fined. The fines for illegal parking in some provinces and cities are also very high, such as Shenzhen, which is a fine of yuan. Card friends are really too difficult. However, I also want to remind you that you should plan your route in operation and choose a place to stop and rest in advance. After all, fatigue driving is indeed easy to cause various things. The construction standard of hospital clean operation Department is 2000; When parking, you should also pay attention to the surrounding conditions and find a safe place to park

can you turn it off directly

of course not.

affected by various factors, many card users consider turning off the Beidou system directly, or using others' cards to "take advantage of opportunism", but in fact, these are illegal acts, and they will face high fines once they are investigated and punished

Article 28 of the measures for the dynamic supervision and administration of road transport vehicles stipulates that no unit or individual shall destroy the satellite positioning device, maliciously interfere with and shield the signal of the satellite positioning device, and shall not tamper with the data of the satellite positioning device

in addition, according to Item 1 of Article 38 of the measures for the dynamic supervision and administration of road transport vehicles: those who destroy the satellite positioning device and maliciously interfere with or shield the signal of the satellite positioning device shall be ordered to make corrections, imposed a fine of not less than 2000 yuan but not more than 5000 yuan by the road transport management organization at or above the county level, and ordered to rectify the illegal act

many drivers have been fined for privately destroying the positioning system, which will also be transferred to the local transportation department for investigation. Also remind you that it's best not to destroy the Beidou terminal at will. There may also be a driver who said that I only connect it during the annual inspection and dismantle the line at other times. That can only say that you are lucky and have not been found. It's best not to take chances to avoid causing trouble for yourself

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