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Decryption of the core technology of infrastructure of Deming big data Industrial Park

in order to seize the major opportunity of the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, promote the rapid development of the big data industry and realize industrial transformation and upgrading, Chengde pointed out the guiding ideology, promotion principles and main tasks of promoting the development of the big data industry in the implementation opinions of Chengde Municipal People's Government on accelerating the development of the big data industry issued in 2015, The relevant preferential policies and safeguard measures have been clarified. Now two years have passed. When we walk by the Luanhe River in Chengde, we can see that an innovative integrated big data Industrial Park is quietly being completed, which aims to implement the coordinated development strategy of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and deepen the cooperation between Beijing and Hebei, and accelerate the development process of Chengde big data industry from imitation to independent renovation

it is understood that the project is a Chengde Deming big data Industrial Park invested and constructed by Beijing Supply and marketing big data group. The project mainly includes mainframe room, auxiliary area, equipment support area, exhibition area, R & D center and other supporting facilities. What we want to introduce today is Fenghuo Hydropower of No. 3 data center, which has been completed and will be put into operation

exterior view of Deming big data Industrial Park

it is reported that the construction area of No. 3 data center in Deming big data Industrial Park is nearly 13000 square meters. The data center building is divided into five floors above the ground and one floor underground. It is equipped with seven standard machine room modules, and more than 1700 47U standard cabinets are designed and deployed. The annual comprehensive pue of the data center is about 1.4, and has obtained the evaluation certificate of data center site infrastructure (enhanced level (GB a)) issued by China Quality Certification Center (CQC)

interior view of data center

the guardian God of class a machine room: HVAC system

a large data center often contains many small systems, and the operation of the entire data center is carried out around these systems, so don't think that the data center is only a pile of cold, blue light scattering machines, sometimes it is more like a living, personalized pet, if you care about it, it will serve you healthily and stably, If you abuse it, it will cost you dearly. For example, when corrosive gas or unclean gas enters the machine room, it will directly affect the normal operation of the equipment; When the temperature in the machine room is too high, the host equipment will crash and restart; When the air is too wet, it is easy to cause corrosion of metal parts and plug-in parts of the equipment, and in serious cases, it can also cause short circuit. Therefore, the data center machine room needs a patron saint that can protect its healthy operation, which is the HVAC system


the air conditioning system of No. 3 data center in Deming big data Industrial Park is designed and constructed in strict accordance with the national standard gb50174- 2008 class a machine room standard, and with reference to the American uptime standard T3-T4 grade requirements. According to data center professionals, the chilled water system adopts a unique mode of variable-frequency centrifugal chiller + open cooling tower + plate heat exchanger, which can adopt three refrigeration modes: refrigeration mode, precooling (partial free cooling mode) and complete natural cooling according to the outdoor climate. In addition, in order to keep the refrigeration system of No. 3 data center in normal condition, the whole system adopts water-cooled air conditioning system, and at the same time, 4 sets of high-quality York brand variable-frequency centrifugal water-cooled chillers (3 for main use and 1 for standby) are used to achieve the double insurance of quality and safety. It is worth mentioning that the module machine room adopts the combination of special air-conditioning unit for water-cooled machine room + wet film humidifier, and the water-cooled precision air-conditioning unit of each module machine room adopts 9+2 redundant configuration. The humidity index in the machine room can reach the national standard A-level standard

plate heat exchanger

in addition to providing HVAC support for No. 3 data center with modern equipment, it also makes full use of the geographical conditions of Chengde. Chengde has the natural climate advantage that the number of days with a temperature below 10 ℃ accounts for 57.2% of the whole year, providing a natural cooling environment for the data center, so that the No. 3 data center can meet the class a temperature requirements in the data center and machine room during startup and shutdown. The No. 3 data center, which occupies the best time and place, can provide users with professional, safe, stable and reliable data center services to effectively ensure your data security

top configuration of business continuity: uncompromising power supply system

considering the daily operation and maintenance of the data center, the last thing the data center wants to see is power failure, which not only brings great trouble to the operation and maintenance personnel, but also directly causes great losses to users. For example, the nearest one to us was the power failure of a data center in Yizhuang, Beijing, last April, which caused the interruption of core, bank card, counter, payment, bank, bank and other businesses of 73 rural banks, involving 12 provinces across the country. Finally, the bank's thorough investigation results show that there is a single point of failure risk in the power supply system of the computer room

in order to ensure the continuous operation of the data center business, the power supply and distribution system of the key loads in the machine room of Chengde No. 3 data center adopts 2n fault-tolerant architecture, and the external power supply, high-voltage external cable, indoor high-voltage and low-voltage distribution cabinet, transformer and cabinet UPS power system are all configured according to 2n system. In addition, in order to improve the utilization efficiency and reliability of electricity and realize the real-time monitoring and protection of power supply network, the No. 3 data center is also equipped with an intelligent power monitoring system. The benefits of intelligent power are countless, such as: it can greatly improve the security protection level of power information in the transmission and application process; Optimize the allocation of resources and improve the efficiency of power transmission; It realizes the unification, intellectualization, standardization and so on of the security technology defense system

now that we talk about the power supply system, we must add a key technology. We know that in the design of the data room, a comprehensive and perfect management and monitoring system is usually established, and the battery is the most basic and important module of this system. In order to ensure the safety and service life of the battery, Deming No. 3 data center adopts the battery intelligent monitoring system, which can extend the service life of the whole battery and improve economic benefits through accurate and careful maintenance

in order to improve the reliability of power supply, high-level data centers will adopt 2n system design, and the data center of building 3 is no exception. However, the design here is more superior. Three kinds of power supplies are used to ensure the power supply reliability of the data center machine room

first, mains power supply. In terms of power supply, the power supply system of Deming No. 3 data center adopts a high-standard design concept. In order to ensure the power consumption of the computer room of the data center, No. 3 data center realizes the real dual high-voltage mains power access. The power comes from two different substations, which can provide multiple standards and high-density power specifications, which are suitable for the power needs of various customers. If an abnormal situation occurs in one of the substations, The other line of mains power can still operate normally, ensuring the continuous stability of power in the data center

second, UPS power supply. The ups of it cabinet in Deming building 3 is configured as 2n system. Weak current system (security system, automatic control system, environmental control system), emergency lighting, chilled water circulating pump, precision air conditioner and other equipment are equipped with UPS, which is configured according to n. The battery pack equipped with each UPS can meet the requirements of full load for 15 minutes

third, emergency power supply. For emergency needs, the machine room is equipped with 8 10kV diesel generator sets (seven in service and one for standby) as emergency power supply, and underground oil storage tanks are set outdoors, which can ensure the oil demand of the whole data center machine room building for 12 hours of continuous operation under full load

it is no exaggeration to say that here, not only the servers in the cabinet, but also precision air conditioners, chilled water pumps, automatic control equipment, security equipment systems, chillers, cooling tower fans, cooling tower electric heat tracing, and water supply pumps are equipped with dual power supplies, which lays a solid foundation for the subsequent long-term stable and reliable operation

data center health diagnosis instrument: intelligent dynamic environment monitoring system

in recent years, with the adjustment of national policies and industrial structure, emerging technologies represented by big data and cloud computing have been fully integrated into society, driving the development of the industrial chain, and the data center has also ushered in a climax of construction. However, before moving the core business to the data center, users' hearts are very uneasy. This is because any system interruption and accidental equipment damage caused by environmental factors and human errors will have a huge impact on the core business, even high economic losses. Therefore, it is particularly important to ensure the safe operation of key equipment in the data center by using the advanced and reliable computer room power environment monitoring and early warning system

based on the important role of the dynamic environment monitoring system in practical application, the dynamic environment monitoring system of Deming 3 data center integrates security system, building control system, power monitoring system, automatic fire alarm linkage system, etc. At the same time, the intelligent and humanized management and operation system is also adopted, which can enable the data center managers to get familiar with and master as soon as possible, better help the data center personnel to timely understand the operation status of the equipment, monitor the environment and air conditioning control of the equipment room and machine room, realize automatic meter reading, customized reports and data query, provide first-hand information for fault analysis and system optimization, and greatly improve the maintenance efficiency and quality, It not only saves energy consumption, but also reduces the labor cost of operation and maintenance

this is not where you want to come: professional security systems weave security protection

Hollywood blockbusters. The following materials should be understood in detail. Don't like to take the data center as a movie scene, such as "sky trap", "mission impossible" and "creating the war". In these police bandits + sci-fi blockbusters, people will always see someone sneaking into the computer room, and then placing a destructive mechanical device near the server, or finding a cable to connect to the laptop, and then the data will be stolen. Don't believe it. These scenes are all to create tension. A high-level data center is by no means a place where you want to come and go

the security system technology of Deming No. 3 data center makes full use of advanced electronic technology, modern communication technology and modern control and management technology, which are perfectly combined with computers to realize the collection, control, input, recording and management of information. The intrusion alarm system of the data center adopts a bus structure with a recycling volume of 49.94 million tons of waste paper in China. It is connected to the security protection special through the host computer, which truly realizes the function of information connection. In addition, an infrared and microwave dual detector device and an anti tailing device are set at the entrance and exit of the machine room

to enter the module machine room, generator room, power transformation and distribution room, UPS room and other major equipment areas, you need to go through three checkpoints: card reading + fingerprint in + card reading out. At the same time, the fingerprint card reader also adopts photoelectric sensors, which has the functions of false finger detection, finger coercion registration, anti submarine, and greatly enhances the level of security

Beijing Supply and marketing big data group has not only technically configured a security system with advanced technology and complete functions, but also hired a professional third-party security company to provide 7*24 uninterrupted professional security services for the data center machine room of Deming big data Industrial Park and building 3 in Chengde, in order to better provide customers with professional, safe, stable and reliable data center services and effectively ensure customer data security

fire is fiercer than tiger, and prevention is in the first place: fire control system

fire is fiercer than tiger, and prevention is in the first place, so fire control system is of great importance

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