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Deep processing and packaging of ostrich meat

ostrich is a herbivore with low fat and high nutritional value. It is cultivated, slaughtered and processed into delicacies and delicacies, which are highly loved. In recent years, ostrich breeding has developed rapidly. In addition to its slaughtering, processing and supply to the market, it has been able to be processed into soft packaging products with long shelf life, commercial value, safety, sanitation, convenience and nutrition, which are listed on the market. Its products are in short supply. I. process flow

raw material selection → thawing or ripening → boning → cutting → pre boiling → frying and mixing → packaging → vacuum sealing → sterilization → storage and transportation.

II. Key points of operation

1 ripening or thawing

thawing methods and conditions. The room temperature for thawing in summer is 16 ℃ ~ 20 ℃, and 10 ℃ ~ 15 ℃ in winter. The thawing time is 12 ~ 24 hours in summer and 18 ~ 36 hours in winter. The relative humidity is 85% ~ 90%. The central temperature of the meat after thawing is ≤ 7 ℃ in summer and ≤ 10 ℃ in winter. The method is: the meat should be hung in batches, with a distance of about 5cm between pieces, not less than 20cm from the ground, and the hind legs facing up. If fresh meat needs to be matured, the method of maturation: put the body under 2 ~ 4 ℃ for 3 ~ 4 hours, and process it after softening after rigidity.

2 bone removal

use a sharp knife to cut the meridians along the bone, so as to cut the bone, so as to avoid bone slag in the body and affect the processing quality.

3 slitting and blocking

slitting and blocking first. According to the requirements of different product specifications. For example, cut diced meat into small pieces of 0.8 ~ 1.2cm square. Cut into 3.5 ~ 4cm small pieces such as braised pork.

4 precooking

it can be cut into strips, put into precooking, and then cut into pieces. The strip width should be 4 ~ 6cm. The pre cooking time is 30 ~ 35 minutes. Add spices during pre Cooking: Baijiu or cooking wine, onion (NO (3) if the control accuracy is problematic, onion can be used), spice bag, bay leaf, pepper, ginger, etc. the temperature is 97 ℃ ~ 99 ℃.

5 slicing, frying and mixing materials

this is the way to produce seasoning products. Take ostrich diced meat as an example. The cut pieces are 0.8 ~ 1.2cm, the leg meat and breast meat are mixed and matched evenly, and the proportion of ingredients is 100kg diced meat, 2.85kg refined salt, 5.4kg soy sauce, 2.25kg granulated sugar, 1.0kg yellow rice wine, 0.6kg monosodium glutamate, 2.25 ~ 2.5kg refined vegetable oil, and 10kg water. Operation method: first heat the vegetable oil in the sandwich pot to 180 ℃ ~ 210 ℃, then add small pieces such as meat and viscera, fry the mixture for 3 ~ 5 minutes, and take it into the container for standby.

6 processing of braised ostrich meat

cut the ostrich meat into 3 ~ 6cm wide strips, put it in water for pre cooking for 45 ~ 60 minutes, and take the blood-free water in the center of the strips as the degree. Add an appropriate amount of caramel in the precooking, remove it and dry it after precooking, and fry it at 180 ℃ for 30 ~ 40 seconds; Pick it up and dry it for standby. Soup: 3kg soy sauce, 0.45kg shredded ginger when it reaches the upper limit, 2.85kg yellow rice wine, 0.43kg scallion, 2.3 ~ 2.5kg refined salt, 0.091kg monosodium glutamate, 7.6kg granulated sugar, 100kg broth, which is canned ostrich meat with soup

7 packaging

the preparation of diced meat in soft packaging must be carried out in composite film packaging bags. Each bag contains 100g, the solid content is 95 ~ 98g, and the soup juice is 2 ~ 4G. When using hard packaging to prepare braised meat, attention should be paid to the ratio of solid matter to soup, and the solid matter should not be less than 55%.

8 sealing

hard packaged products of braised ostrich meat with soup should be sealed by vacuum automatic sealing machine. Then sterilize according to the canned sterilization formula

III. product quality

no matter the soft or hard packaging, it should be well sealed, without swelling bags, leakage bags, pollution, and have the flavor and taste of the product; The salt content is about 1.8%

IV. problems that should be paid attention to in processing

the problem of removing the smell of ostrich meat. Ostriches that are herbivorous birds and cannot fly, first grow meat, and their meat must have the smell of herbivores. In the process of processing products, we have adopted the following methods to remove the smell of mutton and freshen it. Increase the amount of spices, such as increasing the proportion of ginger and pepper; Change onion white to onion; Add cinnamon leaves and other methods to suppress and eliminate the smell of mutton in ostrich meat and maintain the flavor of concrete mixing plant. Ostrich meat tastes more delicate than beef. After the ostrich is slaughtered, it must undergo the necessary maturity stage according to the process requirements, which must not be ignored in the processing. In addition, the depth of comprehensive utilization should be improved in processing

(Xiao Mingjun)

source: China poultry industry information

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