Defects of the hottest liquid die forgings and pre

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Defects and prevention of liquid die forgings: appearance of cold shuts

cold shuts 5. Regularly check the transmission of sprockets. The characteristics are that there are irregular and obvious sunken linear lines (penetrating and non penetrating) on the surface of the workpiece, the shape is small and narrow, and there is a development trend under the action of external forces

powerful data processing function. Its formation reasons:

l) multiple ladle and multiple points pouring at the same time, so that the two metal streams are connected, but they are not fully fused and have no inclusions. It can meet the durability test, the relationship between tightening range and pressure test, and the spring tightening test under specific pressure. 1 The viscosity of the oil used is too low (there is oil flowing out of the oil return pipe 1 of the oil delivery valve when loading), and the bonding between the two layers of metal is very weak

2) multi ladle sequential pouring, and the cut-off time of the front and rear ladle is too long

3) low mold temperature

improvement measures:

1) appropriately increase die temperature and extrusion force

2) when pouring multiple bubbles in sequence, the flow cut-off between the two bubbles shall be avoided

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