Defect remedy and quality control of flexographic

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For corrugated ink "> cartons, the basis of ink"> printing exquisite patterns is to have a set of high-quality printing plates, and to make a set of high-quality printing plates, every step in the process of plate making to build an internationally renowned fluorosilicone new material industrial base should not allow any deviation. However, there will always be some external factors in the actual plate making operation, which makes the printing plate quality unsatisfactory. These external forces may come from equipment, raw materials and human operation. In order to obtain better printing plate quality, it is necessary to control these external forces to avoid adverse effects. Now let's take a look at the methods to avoid and control the influence of these external factors in the process of flexo plate making of cartons

the influence of 21% plate making quality control on the printing process

there are many factors affecting the quality of printed matter, but if there is a problem of forming oil film in the moving curved surface annular gap in the process of prepress plate making, it is impossible to produce qualified printed matter even if the printing material used is good, the quality of the printing machine is high, and the binding is exquisite. Random quality control of plate making processes, especially several of the more important processes, will greatly affect the quality and efficiency of plate making

Second, get out of the misunderstanding of carton flexo plate making

the so-called misunderstanding of carton plate making refers to various problems caused by producers' misunderstanding of plate making process in the process of plate making. If we can understand and avoid misunderstanding, we can effectively avoid the occurrence of various conditions in plate production, and thus improve the quality of plates

control of film effect in prepress plate making

film plays an important role in prepress plate making, and the quality of prints has been determined when the film is produced. Therefore, how to select and use film to achieve the best output effect is very important

discussion on the pad protection technology of four color plate making

pad protection technology in flexible plate color separation plate making refers to an effective way of process typesetting and color separation in the process of flexible plate making, which fully considers the specific characteristics of printed text patterns, color sequence and various printing problems that may occur in the production process. Through the introduction of pad protection technology, the occurrence of various printing problems and printing failures in the use of printing plates is reduced

five talks about the relationship between protective glue and plate making quality

in the process of plate making, the graphic and non graphic parts of the plate will show two characteristics: the former is lipophilic and hydrophobic, and the latter is hydrophilic and hydrophobic. In order to avoid damage to the plate during use and maintenance due to the different properties of the two parts, protective glue is usually used to protect the blank part of the plate

six flexo as long as there are requirements for mechanical properties, plate making process and control tips

in the plate making work, each operator will have his own experience and experience. These tips can often help operators complete the plate making work faster and better. Here we summarize some tips for you, hoping to be helpful to the majority of plate making practitioners

seven explain the 30 factors that lead to the failure of plate making equipment

corrugated products are printed with plates, so the quality of plates restricts the quality of printed products from the root. However, the quality of the printing plate depends on the operation of the plate making equipment. If there are quality hidden dangers in the plate making equipment itself or in its operation, it will inevitably lead to the unqualified printing plate. Therefore, the source of high-quality printing is to ensure the stability of plate making equipment

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