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Defects and Countermeasures of Large Forgings: uneven structure and performance

large forgings often cause serious uneven structure and performance due to their large size, many processes, long cycle, uneven process and many unstable factors, so that they cannot pass the mechanical property test, metallographic structure inspection and nondestructive testing

due to the segregation of chemical components in steel ingots, the accumulation of inclusions, and the influence of various types of porous composite polyurethane adhesives; When heating, the temperature changes slowly, the distribution is uneven, the internal stress is large, and there are many defects; High temperature and long-time forging. 3. After the experimental operation, there is no curve to show local stress and local deformation, such as plastic flow, compaction degree and deformation distribution; During cooling, the diffusion process is slow, the microstructure transformation is complex, and the additional stress is large. The above factors that adapt to the future development trend may lead to serious uneven tissue properties and unqualified quality

measures to improve the uniformity of Large Forgings:

1) adopt advanced smelting and casting technology to improve the metallurgical quality of steel ingots

2) adopt controlled forging, controlled cooling technology, optimize the process, and improve the technical and economic level of large forgings production

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