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The deep fermentation of PetroChina corruption case is to be transformed

the shock of PetroChina corruption case continues. Up to now, this case also seems to have entered a deeper fermentation period

on September 24, star cable (4.56,0.00,0.00%) of the listed company, which had previously lost several executives, announced again that he Yuying, the company's director and deputy general manager, had died recently. Star Cable did not explain the specific cause of death of he Yuying in the announcement

however, reports from several media showed that at about 11 p.m. on September 23, he Yuying fell from a building in the jurisdiction of huonan street, Wuhou District, Chengdu and died

according to the data, heyuying is 45 years old and has successively served as the assistant to the general manager of Chengdu Great Wall commercial building and the general manager of Star Cable Chengdu Branch. According to insiders of Star Cable securities department, he Zai was mainly in charge of marketing and sales during his tenure as deputy general manager of listed companies

a number of people from the oil system told this newspaper that with the gradual amplification of the PetroChina case since the end of August, a large number of domestic affiliated companies that had previously done business with PetroChina were panicked and did not know when (familiar people) could not get through

while the case itself was still under investigation, insiders close to PetroChina group also revealed that the reform of PetroChina, a giant with complex businesses, had also been put on its internal agenda

when Jiang Jiemin was in charge, many people in the group, especially in the secondary units, had great opinions on the management of the company. The corruption case also promoted the internal reform. The relevant departments have recently met with the top management of the oil system and held many discussion meetings. Insiders told this newspaper

deep water area of the case

the bizarre fall of heyuying once again made star cable, a rapidly rising company, the focus of public opinion. However, people in the private oil industry in Sichuan revealed that in addition to the gray transaction with PetroChina, many mysterious billionaires in Sichuan, including Li Guangyuan, have other problems

this newspaper learned that the functional coating of junior college can not only improve the heat resistance of the diaphragm. Heyuying, who has a history of functional coating, directly held 1.25 million shares of star cable when it was listed last year. After dividend transfer, it turned into 75000 shares of operating procedures and performance characteristics of electronic universal testing machine above 18. According to yesterday's report of 4.69 yuan, the market value reached 8.79375 million yuan

people familiar with the matter said that heyuying disappeared for a few days after the investigation of star cable, Li Guangyuan and other executives, but the news was not officially confirmed by star cable

according to the company's prospectus, the main customers of star cable are enterprises in the industry with high requirements for the quality and technical content of wires and cables, such as PetroChina (7.91,0.00,0.00%) group, China Guodian Corporation, China Shenhua (16.91,0.00,0.00%) energy Co., Ltd

among many central enterprise customers, PetroChina is one of the largest sales customers of star cable, and star cable is also the largest supplier of network procurement of PetroChina in 2010. The semi annual report from the company shows that PetroChina contributed 185MILLION yuan of sales revenue to star cable in the first half of this year, making it the company's largest customer

for this mysterious enterprise, which is called the parasitic company of PetroChina by the media, with the concentrated outbreak of PetroChina nest case, its chairman liguangyuan, former general manager shenludong and Chief Financial Officer Yang Ping also lost contact one after another in order to seek a simpler and reliable force measurement method

it is also harmful to vision statement:

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