Deduction standard for inflammables and explosives

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Tianjin Nine Dragons Paper Industry, standard for the deduction of inflammables and explosives in waste paper

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core tips: [China Packaging News] important notice: please read carefully! The deduction standard for inflammables and explosives in Tianjin Nine Dragons waste paper: 1. If it is found that even if it is few, it belongs to the unintentional behavior of the supplier, add

3. If it is not completely burned, it does not set off fireworks, batteries and other large quantities with high risk level, it belongs to the serious fault of the supplier, and the deduction is 30% - 50%

4. Inflammables and explosives include: matches, lighters, fireworks and firecrackers (punishment will be increased if they are not set off), batteries (flashlight batteries, batteries, electric vehicle batteries, etc.), liquefied gas tubes and other obvious metal sheet samples. Wedge clamping method can be used for inflammables and explosives

5. Dangerous chemicals and toner cartridges are also within the scope of severe crackdown

take 3. After confirming that the power supply is under the specified voltage and the connection diagram, Bayer engineers tested the safety of headlight lenses made of light plastic at Shanghai polymer research and development center. The market price is weak. Please pay attention to the control of the arrival quality, especially dangerous goods

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