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The flexible processing production line with the best processing efficiency and reliability is the main technical equipment for the processing of cylinder block, cylinder head and other box parts. The large number of applications of flexible machining production lines mainly composed of high-speed and quasi high-speed machining centers have brought high product consistency and reduced production costs to engine manufacturing enterprises

according to the needs of users, the cylinder head flexible processing production line designed by NTC company with years of experience has been widely used in the manufacturing and production of engines with its high efficiency and good expansion capacity, which has greatly improved the production benefits of users

typical design scheme of cylinder head flexible processing production line

the cylinder head flexible processing production line produced by NTC company fully embodies the basic design idea of "people-oriented", and effectively eliminates the main factors affecting the processing efficiency, that is, the behavior and actions of operators, especially the impact of manual transportation. Figure 1 shows a typical design scheme of NTC's cylinder head flexible production line. Its design guideline is that the Ministry of industry and information technology will further promote the green design demonstration and green design product evaluation pilot, with an annual output of 75000 units and a processing beat of 2.46min. According to the production needs, this production line only needs 12 additional processing centers to form an annual processing capacity of 150000 sets

the whole production line is mainly composed of horizontal machining centers with good vision and simplicity. Due to the small width of the machine tool, the walking distance of the operator is shortened and the physical strength is saved. In the whole production line, by selecting the best cutting, the non working condition of the humidification system reduces the frequency of tool exchange; The multi-purpose a-axis turning fixture is used to make the chips and coolant in the workpiece stay in the machine tool to the greatest extent. At the same time, in order to prevent the workpiece from being put into the machine tool by mistake, a baffle for judging the workpiece error is also configured in the fixture of each process, so the operator does not have to consider the workpiece feeding posture

effective guarantee of processing quality

ntc's careful design of the cylinder head flexible processing production line can effectively ensure the processing quality of the product:

1. In the tool magazine of the 1-axis CNC processing machine? The tool below 2mm shall be subject to damage detection

2. Carry out the penetration inspection of the oil hole in the positioning pin press fitting process

3. Tool setting error detection does not affect inspection. After tool exchange, check the machined hole of the primary workpiece on the production line gauge

4. Missed machining detection for finish machining before valve seat ring/guide tube press fitting. After the bottom hole processing of the valve seat ring/guide tube before press fitting, it can effectively prevent the breakage of the finishing tool handle in the next process by checking whether there is any missing processing and no penetration

5. Precision assurance of valve seat ring/guide tube finishing and camshaft hole finishing. The flexible special machine with NTC standardized design has realized high reliability and high precision process processing

specialization of valve seat/guide tube finishing and camshaft hole finishing

the finishing of valve seat/guide tube and camshaft hole is a very critical process in cylinder head machining, which is often the cause of unstable precision or reduced machining efficiency of the production line

for machining centers with X, y and Z axes moving and each tool change, in order to prevent machining accuracy changes caused by temperature changes and tool runout caused by tool handle chip adhesion, people usually take compensation measures such as grating ruler and sensor. However, for long-term stability, this method has certain limitations, and its maintenance times and costs will increase accordingly. In addition, for a production line with an output of 150000 sets/year, if multiple machine tools are used in the finishing process, it is difficult to ensure the consistency of workpiece accuracy for a long time, and the quality management to ensure its uniformity will also be a very complex project

for this reason, NTC company has adopted flexible special machine tools with standardized design in the finishing process. This flexible special machine tool has a simple structure. It does not need ATC tool exchange like the machining center. It only needs initial adjustment to ensure the machining accuracy of the machine tool, and the machining quality is very stable. Especially in the finishing process of camshaft hole, because some cylinder head parts have a large amount of tappet hole yield at the supporting part of camshaft, such as self-directed reaming, the phenomenon of unbalanced cutting load and deflection of cutter rod to the side with less cutting load will occur during machining camshaft hole, which is difficult to ensure the accuracy of coaxiality. However, the use of flexible special machine tools can effectively overcome the above problems

if special machine processing is adopted, an annual output of 150000 sets can be achieved in one production line, which makes quality management easier and improves the processing efficiency of the whole production line. In the future, the standardized flexible machining machine will be able to process new workpieces as quickly as the machining center, as long as it is simply adjusted

quality assurance measures

based on years of production experience and user feedback, NTC company constantly updates the design concept, making the assembly drawings provided to users more reliable and accurate. NTC's quality assurance measures include:

1. Establish a system in which precision parts, large parts and other important parts are machined under temperature control and all are tested

2. Modular management is adopted for the spindle and fixture in the sub assembly stage to provide components with consistent accuracy and establish a quality assurance system for dynamic inspection

3. Provide control circuit to prevent repeated processing

4. Provide as much data as possible for preventive maintenance

5. The machine tool occupies a small area and provides more convenient maintenance conditions

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