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The five-year development strategy of Japan's printing industry the five-year plan formulated by the Japan printing industry federation, also known as the "three circle plan", shows the recent strategy of Japan's printing industry. In this strategic map, it can be clearly seen that in the current development from the traditional printing industry to the modern printing industry, the changes in the format of the printing industry have developed towards the soft service of the printing industry and the improvement of customer satisfaction. "Service" will be the primary task facing the printing industry, and will be a broad business field beyond many aspects of printing products. At the top of the three circles is our traditional print manufacturing industry (P). The following are: letter clamps: connecting plates (1 piece with universal joints) 48 pieces information communication industry (H) and service industry (q). It is not difficult to see that information communication industry (H) and service industry (q) are adjacent industries closely related to the traditional printing industry. If they are a collection of mathematical concepts, they all belong to the intersection state, The traditional print manufacturing industry (P), information and communication industry (H) and service industry (q) belong to the state of union respectively. Similarly, the information 1 will be aggregated into a volume after a certain amount. The communication industry (H), service industry (q) and traditional print manufacturing industry (P) are also in the state of union. That is to say, they cross each other, and their common "domain" should be the location of our modern printing industry. It must be pointed out that the printing industry should not simply enter the information and communication industry (H) and the service industry (q) in the traditional mode. It must get rid of the definition of traditional printing, define new printing concepts, and enter new fields in the future. It is necessary to focus on the modern printing industry. It is necessary to pay attention to the relevant contents of the commodity application manual. On the one hand, it discards some traditional printing technologies and printing products (P), and on the other hand, it radiates and expands its field to the information and communication industry (h) and the service industry (q). Undoubtedly, the information and communication industry (H) and the service industry (q) and the printing industry will benefit immensely from their "communication" and "merger". Although the figure is not quantified, it is not difficult for us to understand that the fields of the latter two industries are much larger than those of the traditional printing manufacturing industry

according to the product classification analysis, the traditional print manufacturing industry (P), information and communication industry (H) and service industry (q) have their own product fields. The table not only lists the well-known traditional print manufacturing products - newspapers, advertising and commercial poster forms of information resources, books, magazines, paintings and music scores of cultural resources, packaging containers of living resources and building materials labels, It also lists the product fields and product catalogs of the other two industries that we were not familiar with before, such as the broadcasting, software, audio and video of the information and communication industry (H), and the design, photography, advertising and other services of the service industry (q). After the modern printing industry enters the other two fields, there must be a new definition. The new objective is to transform the traditional printing industry for decades into a printing industry aimed at creating information value industry. All m23d printers that meet this goal should be included in our carbon printing industry to produce high-precision resin components using proprietary digital light synthesis technology (DLS). It is very important to establish this kind of thought and concept, which will guide us to aim at new fields, develop new products and constantly occupy new profit growth points. It requires us to take economic measures to comprehensively allocate funds for confluence according to the law of value; Stepping into the field of digitalization and networking in production technology; In terms of management, strengthen the enterprise group's all-round soft service to customers. To achieve this goal, it is undoubtedly the key to quickly cultivate talents who can accelerate the absorption of the market economy model. This is a forward-looking work, only it is forward-looking, so it has special significance and guiding role. It not only makes us get rid of the negative pessimism that "the printing industry has no future"; On the contrary, it makes us see the bright development prospects of the printing industry and makes us more confident

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