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The flexible identification system on the automobile production line

the automobile manufacturing industry can effectively reduce the cost only by adopting the maximum possible degree of automation, so as to survive in the increasingly competitive international market. 3. The experimental machine fixture generally adopts excellent medium carbon steel and alloy structural steel. The key factor of high productivity, high efficiency and complete quality assurance is the intelligent identification system

robot vision

from the third dimension, robots can guide different work tasks, such as positioning, assembly, handling or painting

isra's unique solution covers the range from 2D to 6D, and its technology can simulate the interaction between human eyes and arms. 2D, 2D, mono3d, 3D and 3D stereoscopic robot vision systems realize automatic processing, including the application of fully automatic binding, stacking, assembly and position recognition. In 2005, another innovation was added - geometry measuring sensor: a brand-new sensor family with high precision, 3D robot guidance and measurement. As a top robot manufacturer, all systems are famous for their robust identification, contour calculation rules, position and scaling methods, flexibility, ease of operation, automatic calibration and standard interface features

the high-precision and fast 3D robot vision system displays the assembly of skylights and carries out complete quality inspection.

the robot vision system is mainly used in multiple production steps of the automation industry, and can also be used as an integrated system in various projects of general industry (OEM and system integrator) equipment and machine tools

quality inspection, measurement and monitoring

Isra system can provide outstanding speed and flexibility no matter when it is used for assembly monitoring of engine and driveline parts, integrity inspection of the entire engine compartment and related subsystems or components, or even when it is used for complex assembly units. Isra system makes it possible to analyze the similarity of length, width, radius, edge parallelism and geometric features of parts as small as microns. The standard system can provide ideal 100% quality monitoring services for the following fields. The current additional tariff is 25%:

□ assembly monitoring

□ bonding application monitoring

□ coding monitoring

□ integrity monitoring

viva is an intelligent link between quality and robot vision tasks. This general software platform can realize the interaction between measurement, monitoring, recognition and 2D to 3D robot vision. The tool builds on more than 100 years of experience in Isra automation. Because of its advanced design concept, more complex work tasks can also be realized more flexibly, quickly and economically

practical application in automobile industry

automobile manufacturing enterprises can use Isra technology to achieve full automation of production, thus reducing costs and making production more flexible

Innovation: the embedded 3D seam tracking system with integrated monitoring function

the new Viva software eliminates errors in assembly for JIT production

the assembly of glass windows must be amplified by an amplifier: the new 2d/3d combined sensor GGS (geometric measurement sensor) integrates a "best-fit" innovative

isra system, which can be used in all steps of the production process. The loading and unloading of stamping parts, measurement technology and adhesion monitoring in the body workshop, the installation of windshield and cabin, the detection of body position, and the coating monitoring or wheel assembly in the coating workshop are all examples of the application scope of Isra products. Isra system can also be used in all occasions of the automobile industry production chain:

□ stamping workshop

□ coating

□ general assembly

□ powertrain

the system can also be integrated and used in the following occasions:

□ parts processing

□ roof assembly

□ measurement

□ engine/gear assembly

□ clearance Flush measurement

□ main door seal

□ skylight assembly

□ door installation

□ chassis seal

□ loading and unloading of stamping parts

□ wheel assembly

□ cabin assembly

□ bead process monitoring

□ glass decoration

□ loading and unloading of engine

□ selection of transportation stamping parts

□ loading and unloading of side plates

□ engine assembly flexibility monitoring

□ bulkhead plate Welding

□ rim treatment

at present, there are more than 1000 Isra systems operating in world-famous automobile companies, such as Volkswagen, Opel, DaimlerChrysler, general motors, Volvo, Honda, Hyundai, Audi, BMW, Ford, Fiat, SIAT, Skoda, Porsche, Rover, etc. The installation of these systems has proved the design effectiveness of the vision system: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the vision system ensures the necessary accuracy and speed of robot assembly and processing. They release the great potential of economic efficiency in automobile production and ensure effective solutions for highly complex work

examples of current system applications include:

1 Robot video

□ part and component identification

□ position identification in 2D and 3D

□ 2d/3d real-time robot guidance

2 Surface video

□ automatic 100% integrity inspection of painted parts

3 Quality video

□ inspection and assembly integrity control

the long-standing cooperative relationship and thousands of successfully installed systems - for example, the Isra machine vision solution operates safely and reliably every minute in more than 90 automobile manufacturing plants, which highlights Isra's rich experience and technology. Audi, BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Fiat, Volkswagen, Honda, Hyundai, Renault and Volvo all rely on Isra vision system to optimize their process production chain

viva (versatile talent of visual automation 2. for workpieces with a thickness of more than 5mm (less than 5mm), the software ensures the realization of a "zero error" flexible assembly process

time-saving and efficient production equipped with an embedded 3D robot tracking and guidance system

continuous progress and efficient automatic production process is a magic weapon for success in every market. Machine vision is a key component in automatic production control and quality assurance

isra machine vision solution can greatly meet the requirements of production and provide personalized design to suit each special application. The products with standard configuration can give customers an impeccable cost performance

at present, Isra's most advanced and user-friendly professional technology is used by first-class manufacturers 24 hours a day. It has excellent performance and stands out among more than 6000 machine vision systems. With the help of machine vision system, Isra has become a golden key for automobile manufacturing enterprises to move towards high yield and high quality in the whole production process

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