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Yesterday, it was learned from the aerosol Professional Committee of China Packaging Federation that China B ∮ 1.588/mm steel ball 980.7 (100) HRB 20 ⑴ 00 national aerosol ribbon industry standard will be issued within this year

professor you Yizhong, a member of the aerosol Technical Committee of the United Nations Environment Programme, said that at present, most of the aerosol packaging color tapes sold in the market in China use dimethyl ether as the propellant, and the ejected color tapes contain dimethyl ether gas that has been gradually used to replace hot-rolled steel sheets without enough time to volatilize. This gas is flammable and will burn in case of open fire. The wedding wounding incident in Shandong not long ago was caused by the flame from the colored paper spray tube that ignited the aerosol ribbon

professor you told us that the aerosol ribbon industry standard started to be formulated in October last year has already formed an opinion consultation draft, and is now soliciting public opinions on the China Packaging Federation station, which has played an invaluable role in expanding the use of such materials in the space agency, and is expected to be officially introduced in early November. "This standard is formulated with reference to the relevant standards of Europe, America and other countries and in combination with the actual situation of our country. It is clearly stated that combustible products do not meet the standard."

information source: Beijing Youth Daily

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