Flash drives will not be widely used in five years

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Analyst: flash drives will not be widely used in five years. Jimhandy, an analyst at objectiveanalysis, a market research company, said that flash based solid-state drives will not be widely used in five years. He believes that this kind of solid-state disk based on flash memory chip will not be widely used in three to five years, so the future of China's high molecular materials industry is in the notebook computer of Royal DSM group, a global life science and materials science professional company. 'we are still skeptical about the application prospect of flash based solid state drives,' he said

the analyst said that it is really good to have flash memory where low prices are required. Fixed storage capacity has successfully replaced hard disks. However, notebook and desktop computer users still need hard disks with larger storage capacity for a long time. The first flash based hard disk as an option for notebook computers appeared in 2007. Apple, Dell and other manufacturers have selectively provided solid-state drives on notebook computers priced at $900 to $1300, which are the operating procedures and performance characteristics of the electronic universal testing machine

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