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Now there are hundreds of schools of thought contending in the door and window market, and the price is high and bottomed out. It seems that there is little difference from the appearance, but the price is very different. Why on earth

low price aluminum alloy doors and windows are often served to owners with the following four "soul chicken soup"

first, low price and high price aluminum alloy doors and windows look the same

this is the first chicken soup for many owners of low price aluminum alloy doors

in the industry, products with exactly the same appearance can be found everywhere, and plagiarism is rampant. Today we have a new model in our store, and tomorrow you can find exactly the same model in other small brand stores. Many small brands are best at this

under the same appearance, the price is high and low, so this price difference makes the psychological defense line of many smart owners collapse and surrender one after another. Many owners who are good at financial management have spoken. Others are the same as you. They only sell 800, but you want to sell 2000. Let's say your brand is better. I also admit that you can't be so expensive than others

don't be silly and naive. Tell you an industry fact: if you sell 800, the cost may be only 200, while if you sell 2000, the cost may be 1600. This is the part you can't see or touch. Excuse me, who is profiteering? Who makes you more? Who earns less? You will only think about why you sell 2000, and never ask why you sell 800. Because if you ask like this, you will look stupid. In fact, if you ask more, you will be more responsible for yourself

how to make a low price for aluminum alloy doors and windows? There are three main points:

1. Reduce production costs through large-scale production

2. Reduce the whole cost by reducing the cost of raw materials

3. Reduce other expenses of the enterprise through management

if an enterprise has no scale in the market, there is only one store in the country, and the factory is as small as a workshop. Can it achieve the purpose of low price through large-scale production? It has only two other possibilities, reducing the cost of raw materials and reducing other expenses

second, we don't advertise, and our cost is not as high as theirs.

at this moment, your second psychological defense line is going to be overcome by low-cost aluminum alloy doors and windows. Listen, yes

however, why don't you ask them why they don't advertise and why they don't enter the mall... Of course, what should be specially reminded of is, especially those low-cost aluminum alloy doors that enter the mall, what do they rely on to make profits? It goes without saying that he gave you 50 yuan instead of 100 yuan

why does the low price under the appearance always make you vulnerable? Because the inexplicably low price kills your buying psychology, not that you can't afford it

at this point, behind the low-cost materials, the standards must be lowered and lowered, and the raw materials that are not worth that money must be used to trick you. Behind everything that looks the same, there are different standards and consciences. Sometimes I worry about consumers. Behind the price, you will never know the pain - you spend money, but you buy aluminum alloy doors and windows that are worthless and may kill you

III. low price aluminum alloy doors are too cost-effective

yes, this is the third Chicken Soup for owners of low price aluminum alloy doors

in fact, the first question has been clearly explained to all owners. I think I have exposed the survival of too many crooked brands in this industry. It seems more cost-effective. In fact, you are still counting money for him after being sold

IV. The price is low, and you can go to the factory to see it on the spot.

Yes, this is the fourth spiritual chicken soup brought to the owners by many local products and many handicraft workshops, and it is also another lethal weapon to defeat your psychological defense line. Going to the factory, hearing is false, seeing is believing! I can't see any problems with the production

I just need to tell you one thing. Since I can call you to the factory, I won't be stupid enough to show you the problem. When the leaders from the top came down to inspect, some people tipped off in advance, not to mention that you were going to the factory on the appointed day

therefore, when you choose a low-cost aluminum alloy door and window, you must carefully identify what aluminum alloy materials and hardware it uses, and whether there is quality supervision and inspection report. Once again, behind the low price, 200% is to use crooked materials to reduce material costs

I suggest you to be careful with low-cost aluminum alloy doors and windows. What is waiting for you behind the low price? I believe you have understood


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