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B & V Team B & V's experience, design expertise and innovation are combined with a Spanish company with more than 20 years of experience. B & V has been in a quiet and warm environment of "olive tree and glass" since 1992. Moixent, headquartered in Valencia, has the first advanced technology and has carried out its own design in the decoration studio where traditional crafts, experience, creativity and state-owned enterprises are combined, Each of their designs is a unique work conceived by expert designers and made by craftsmen. This combination can ensure its durability, comfort, high quality and strong functionality

with the joining of edeestudio and Alegre design designers, new works will be presented every year based on their originality and elegance. In order to do this, seek comfortable models and perfect production process, use valuable materials such as leather or wood and make them carefully. It aims to manufacture high-end quality products, make products an important part of our life, and enjoy the quality of products. Understand the global market and demanding craftsmanship, interior decoration, the perfect combination of traditional and modern ways, as well as the latest trends in comfort, luxury and function. B & V always follows the tailoring mode as a concept. All products are handmade by major craftsmen, looking for high-quality and long-lasting products that can ensure maximum comfort

today, we use new materials such as wood, marble or metal frames, as well as the highest quality interior brands: Krish and kvadrat. In recent years, a new stage of B & V has been opened. Internationalization and the existence of international markets are one of our priorities. In order to achieve this goal, Spain b& V sofa has designed a new product series for different markets at home and abroad, which is Spanish b& V sofa's persistence and pursuit of quality. Eurooo is a platform for imported furniture from China and a communicator of high-end lifestyle. About b& V sofa brand introduction is here for everyone to share. Welcome to pay attention to the message and express your views

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