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MONTREAL – While Montreal property transfer taxesGraphic for daily cases per million in Canada an, commonly called the “welcome taxThe fact, a lot of these conflicts might be resolved.,” climb at the same rate as the real estate marketThe others durin, large fortunes are exempted because of a technical detail that the city now wants to tackleincluding fairs and festivals., La Presse has learned2021-04-12T09:35:00Z.

Condos in many of the city’s most prestigious buildings – often listed for more than $1 million – have been sold and purchased without contribution to the city’s coffers for decadesmobileImageUrl. “No welcome tax” is being claimed on many currently active real estate listingsA number of people are seen i.

The Plante administration is calling on the Quebec government to tackle this “unacceptable” situation by changing the lawTracking progress o.

“We firmly believe that everyone should contribute to the public treasury in an equitable manner,” said the mayor’s office. The city currently collects more than $150 million per year in property transfer taxes.

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